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The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Jun 24, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: favorite-protagonist, cherished-forever
Recommended for: every fantasy lover in the world
Read from December 22 to 28, 2011

The Hobbit is the epic journey of Bilbo Baggins, our titular 50 something hobbit. Bilbo though might as well be 10 year old, since he has almost no experience of the outside world and likes to sit in his Hobbit hole, resting in his armchair having breakfast, supper and dinner and numerous meals in between. That is, until Gandalf the great comes barging in with a dozen of dwarfs, urging him to take up the role of the burglar in their quest to The Lonely Mountains. The dwarfs question Gandalf’s decision, which offends Bilbo and the home loving hobbit agrees sets out with them, on their “epic journey”.

And, what a journey it is! We meet elves, goblins, giant spiders, warts, the great Beorn and of course the Great dragon along our way and pass through Mirkwood, The lonely mountains, goblin’s lairs. Every description is so vivid, the images almost float into your mind when you read it. Every adventure is greater than the previous one, every scenery better. Just when one thinks, nothing better can come after this, another amazing character gets introduced. And amidst it all is Bilbo and they way his character develops through out the story.

Our Hobbit, who is underestimated by all (including himself) discovers strength, wisdom, and courage within hims. He also discovers the magic ring ( THE RINGto be precise), but I wouldn’t give it much credit. Because its Bilbo and his courage which makes him such an inevitable part among his group and this novel. Without him the novel would be just another amazing fantasy saga, with him, it’s epic. He’s so unfamiliar with the larger world in the beginning, always wondering how he could possibly have left without his hat and continuously wants to go back. Still, in crucial situations, he is the one who to rescue the others. He kills a giant spider, and that is the first step toward him discovering strength. He is the first one to go in the lonely mountain (where the dragon lies with his treasure) and he says that it is the bravest thing he has ever done. Bilbo devises the plan to stop the war among the dwarves and the elves and shows immense wisdom in this. And amidst it all, he still remains our humble, simple, naive hobbit, and how does one not love him?

This story has so many different facets. Brilliant adventure, flawless description and still conveyed such an important message. It's funny and wry, and tells us a classic coming-of-age story. Its not melodramatic, still, one feels Bilbo’s pain when Thorin dies. Him accepting gold to be worthless is such an epic scene from the novel. Who would have thought that the subtle details Tolkien uses could move someone so much. Not only Thorin, all the other dwarves (Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin and the others whose name I don’t remember), Beorn, the Elrond king, Bard, even the goblins make such an incredible impression one’s mind. Secondary characters have never been so memorably rendered.

By the end of the journey, Gandalf tells Bilbo that he has changed. And he has! Bilbo comes away from The Hobbit with a couple of sacks of treasure, but what's immensely more valuable to him (and to us) is the respect he wins from all of the people he meets. More importantly, the respect he wins from himself. He gains self confidence and stops caring about what his fellow hobbits think of him. Somewhere along the journey, I, as a reader felt that, in some way, I have changed too. . Bilbo might not be big or impressive looking, but he's still able to change the course of history in Middle-earth. What can be more inspiring for a person and what more can one ask from a book?
No book is more flawless, inspiring, touching, adventurous and fun than the Hobbit. I may sound melodramatic when I say this, but every time I read books like this, I feel happy to be alive. A more perfect book has never been written and I am going to cherish it as long as I live.

50000 stars and highest possible recommendation.
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Harini My all time favorite :)

Mith I've lost count of the number of times I've read this book! ANY DAY better than LOTR (cue the haters!).

Aw man, you made me all nostalgic now :) This is next up on my to-read list now :D

"Struck by lightning! Struck by lightning!" <3

Shayantani Das Mith wrote: "I've lost count of the number of times I've read this book! ANY DAY better than LOTR (cue the haters!).

Aw man, you made me all nostalgic now :) This is next up on my to-read list now :D


Oh, I was thinking about reading the LOTR series next. Their size has always intimidated me, which is why this relatively shorter looking book appealed to me :)
Also, the giant spider scene in it made me nostalgic about harry potter’s second part.

Shayantani Das Mith wrote: ""

*sigh* so many books to read and reread and so little time *sigh*

Anne  (Booklady) Molinarolo Great review! I MUST re-read this. Thank you for the reminder, Tanu!

message 7: by Nabz28 (new)

Nabz28 I love this book and great review. I've almost finished it for the first time but I'm on Part 1. I was puzzled how Gandulf just suddenly appear in front of him seeking for an adventure. Why was Bilbo Baggins chosen to become a 'burglar' instead of others? Currently I'm on Chapter 8, Flies and Spiders. I had to really open my imagination on the book, so much description, not that I don't like it but it's just too much. I would sometimes get lost in my imagination and had to re-read it back. The way J. R. R. Tolkien described the surroundings in the book was just wow loved the part when Gandulf, Bilbo and the Dwarves met Beorn. The part when Gandulf was telling him about their quest and every 5 minutes or a whistle, 2 dwarves would come into his house.

The movie was good too but some parts were missing from the movie from the book. I hope the next movie will be much longer, includes the missing parts and finishes the story until the end. Still don't get it, Gandulf ask Bilbo to come on the quest with the Dwarves and along the way he's always missing or going to his other quest (Necromancer). So that means there's two quest, dealing with the necromancer and facing Smaug. Hopefully it will end well haha.

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