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Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
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Mar 17, 08

Atlas Shrugged(along with Fountainhead) might be the only books I have really liked that I also have serious disagreements with. I love how Rand recognizes the power, importance, and necessity of human individuality; I also agree that there are some aspects of our society that try to suffocate that truth. However, I firmly disagree with the premise that the individual is always right, organized society is always wrong, and the two cannot coexist. I think that as individuals, our reason for being is to truly discover our inherent goodness, power, and capability. I also think that it is our responsibility to use that individual power to better our society, so that as a people we can influence our culture for good. I think that was the philosophy of our founding fathers. To completely disdain organized society I think is not only wrong, but irresponsible, because it relieves us of any individual responsibility to work to better our communities, country, government, etc.

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