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Taking Care of Charlie by Amber Kell
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Jun 24, 2011

it was ok

This is why I don’t really go for gay-for-you stories; it leaves too much room for reasoning such as “if I fuck women that’s OK”. As much as I liked Charlie, what a self-centered asshole Marcus turned out to be! He was so busy thinking he was right, he never sat Charlie down and asked him what he wanted and needed and therefore avoided all the years they were apart. While Marcus was off fucking women, Charlie was miserable thinking Marcus would never want him. How original. This paragraph just about sums up Marcus’ entire philosophy “Dating women was my way of waiting for my man to grow up. I wanted Charlie to sow his wild oats so later, when we settled down together, he’d have no regrets. While Charlie dated lots of men, I saved myself for him. Fucking girls didn’t count. I wanted my first man-on-man sexual relationship to be with my soul mate. I didn’t need to get experience. Charlie would tell me what to do”. You saved yourself for him? Oh, yeah, I forgot fucking women didn’t count. Whatever.

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