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The Complete Sherlock Holmes - In Two Handsome Volumes by Arthur Conan Doyle
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Jun 22, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: mystery
Read on July 13, 2011 Preview Sherlock Holmes 2 Downey-Law film. #2 Review #1 Review Cumberbatch-Freeman Review
This humorous, dangerous, very British 2010 BBC UK version updated with internet and mobile phones revived my interest in Doyle's classic Victorian murder mysteries promoting early forensics and deductive solutions. Surprisingly, old and new Watson (Freeman) are both injured veterans of Kandahar, Afghanistan. The city of London is still an old character. Cumberbatch has a lighter, less swoopy tadara interpretation than Jeremy Brett, and not caught in explosions like Downey. Study in Pink is loosely based on Study in Scarlet (view spoiler).

1930 Doubleday Vol 1 has Study in Scarlet, Sign of Four, and 23 short stories in 480 pages. Preface assures us that some cases referenced were never published.

With a toothbrush and gun, meticulous research, observation, and deduction, we learn how to solve puzzles, and chase evil across Victorian London and world. I recall many cases, yet enjoy reruns. (Because quotation marks glitch in Goodreads, I start each summary with the case title.)

Capsules (try to) remind me without giving away full answer.

p15 Study in Scarlet 1887 trails minatory bloody thread to American Western, Mormon Avenging Angels based in fact and folklore.
p87 In Sign of the Four 1890, Watson falls for Mary, recipient of fine pearls from a guilty Bombay valetudinarian who knows how her father vanished years ago in a conspiracy of four thieves.

Adventures (first pub 1891-2)
In p161 Bohemia, their king asks Sherlock to retrieve incriminating evidence from the beauty Irene Adler, his equal at ingenuity and intellect (changed onscreen).
p176 Red-headed foolish pawnbroker gives his new assistant free run of the basement.
p190 Identity remains hidden, when Holmes decides the prosperous sheltered daughter would not believe where her suitor vanished on the verge of their wedding.
p202 Also for Boscombe Valley, he hides the confession, to protect a couple - the father who made his fortune in Australia supports the other, now murdered.
p217 Five Orange Pips warn of KKK assassins who slip the noose.
p229 Twisted Lip is professional beggar, last to see a missing husband.
p244 Blue Carbuncle is jewel hidden in Season of Forgiveness goose, tracked to thief.
p257 Speckled Band are the last words of latest family female to succumb, leave wealth to step-father Doctor from India.
p273 Engineer's Thumb is severed fleeing from repairs for a secretive German.
p287 Noble Bachelor seeks rich American goldfield bride who vanished just after ceremony.
p301 Beryl Coronet taken home by a banker lost stones after being twisted and broken by his gambler son, who loves vanished ward.
p316 Copper Beeches is estate where newly hired governess suspects nefarious employers who ask her to cut her hair, sit so, wearing such, for extravagant wages.

Memoirs 1892-3
p335 Silver Blaze, missing winner racehorse when "the dog did nothing in the night-time", and the trainer was killed.
p350 Yellow Face mask in the window is an innocent, not a blackmailer of remarried Atlanta widow.
p362 The Stockbrocker's Clerk was hired away before he started.
p373 Gloria Scott, his first case, was an Australia-bound convict ship, the loss explained by posthumous record from his college friend's father.
p386 Musgrave Ritual was a family rhyme leading to treasure found and lost by a learned butler.
p398 In Reigate, a manservant is shot apparently preventing a second neighborhood burglary.
p411 Crooked Man from India reveals end of career soldier and role of too pretty wife.
p422 "Resident Patient" Blessington funds doctor's startup, hanged when protection fails.
p435 Greek Interpreter is abducted to strange house with tortured victim and surprised girl (introduces brother Mycroft at Diogenes Club where talking is forbidden, unlike onscreen).
p447 Naval Treaty needs recovering after accused thief recovers.
p469 The Final Problem is the fatal confrontation with arch-evil Professor Moriarty.
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08/04/2011 page 20
1.78% "Will be slow. 480 pg tiny print. 25 stories. Library books first. Better to savor."
11/27/2011 page 69
6.15% "Study in Scarlet trails minatory bloody thread to American Western, Mormon Avenging Angels based in fact and folklore. Yippee-kai-ai."
100.0% "Every mystery is unique. Some answers not straight from Sherlock, like the first "case" a convict ship, the solution to the loss comes from a posthumous account."

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