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Under Her Skin by Jeaniene Frost
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Jul 16, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011, paranormal
Read from June 22 to July 14, 2011

** spoiler alert ** The 'werewolf' theme of this 3-story anthology is why I grabbed this book, but when I spotted the authors, well you could say I was sold. Each tale is short and self-contained, which means it left me more than satisfied. I'll review each story individually:

"Pack" by Jeaniene Frost

This was my favorite of the three stories. Marlee becomes lost in a National Park, and soon finds herself chased and attacked by a pack of wolves. She fights for her life when a strange, naked man rescues her. Her saviour is Daniel, a wolf enforcer from the werewolf pack, and he takes it upon himself to personally watch over Marlee as she recovers. The pack is concerned she may transform during the next full moon since she was bitten, so she is held in quarantined, which just happens to be Daniel's home. From here the story really heats up as Daniel is drawn to Marlee for other reasons beyond protecting her, and Jeaniene Frost knows how to hook the reader. The hostile relationship between Marlee and Daniel propel the story into a romantic encounter, and I loved Marlee's feistiness, never giving up the opportunity to escape. Though in her heart, we all know she wants to stay with Daniel. This short story has it all, villains, action and a main character who leaps off the pages. Would love to read more in this world.

"In Sheep's Clothing" by Meljean Brook

The beginning of this short story was ripe with tension and I was hooked. Emma gets a flat tyre on the side of a road during a blizzard, and there aren't too many other cars passing by. It just happens that the one man who does stop to help is also a serial killer. The gutsy Emma bites the man to escape, but we later learn she may have just infected him with lycanthropy, seeing she is a werewolf. And then the story really kicks off. With the help of the Sheriff who likes her even if he has no clue she is a creature of the moon, they start hunting down the killer before it's too late. The premise is great, but I struggled to connect with Emma at times, and as such the short story wasn't as good as it could have been.

"Grace of Small Magics" by Ilona Andrews

One thing that amazes me about the stories created by the wife and husband team, Ilona Andrews, are the spectacular and imaginative worlds they create. They don't hold back, and for that reason, this short story was superb. I wanted more. :) Grace is called to perform a duty on behalf of her mother to Clan Dreoch, a magical family whom her own family are bound to in eternal servitude. Her duty demands she battles alongside Nassar, a powerful revenant and the clan's leader, against a rival clan. Grace is a gentle character, but does not back down from responsibilities, and with her own small magical abilities, she fights by Nassar's side. A must read, even if the story doesn't have werewolves in it... hmmm

Verdict: If you're looking for a quick read filled with romance and werewolves (in 2 of the stories), then 'Under Her Skin' is for you. I highly recommend it to all paranormal lovers.

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