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Deadline by Mira Grant
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Jun 22, 2011

really liked it
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Read from October 31 to December 17, 2015

Zombies, what can you say about them? I mean it, what can you say about such an overworked topic like the living dead? How can you write something new with this premise? What could possibly make it worth reading?

Mira Grant has accomplished creating a new paradigm for zombies, something a little more believable than your typical "I want to eat your brains" stuff. I liked her rational for the creation of the zombie apocalypse. I liked the way she handled the governmental and social reaction to a world of living dead. I liked her characters who were fun and funny. The book is all around a good, fun read. Not exactly a page turner because it's a bit too light to get your heart racing, but that's not what the book is about.

There are some things I didn't like or that grated on me as I read. First is the attitude toward zombies and the fun the characters have reporting on them and "poking zombies with a stick." In the world of the book, zombies do not last forever. The recently dead are more lifelike in their movement and actions, the longer they are dead the more decrepit they become until they finally die a zombie death. So why is it okay to post videos of people poking sticks at the recently dead? Don't these zombies have surviving friends and family? When the main characters face death they make a point of wanting a clean, permanent death and not to become a zombie. They seem to feel that their zombie bodies and actions are attached to them as people. In that case, why is taunting and tormenting the living dead okay?

Another thing that bothered me is that there are large areas called "exclusion zones." These are areas that have been giving over to the zombie plague, the government has given up on them and few to no humans live there. So how come they are still full of recently dead zombies? Where did they come from? After a while it would seem to be a self-limiting condition. The plague would still exist among the animals as they can freely cross the borders of the EZ, but there should be very few human zombies left in there. And yet, these EZs seem to be the source of endless supplies of living dead.

So, it's a fun read with an interesting premise but you can't really expect a world full of zombies to make sense.

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