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One Small Sacrifice by Trace A. DeMeyer
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Jun 23, 2011

really liked it
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Read on June 22, 2011

Trace is a journalling friend on Bookmooch and sent me a copy of her book. The only other reviewer here has mentioned the difficulty experienced in reading it. I also began, feeling that it was going to be a hard read because of the disjointed nature of the time-line of events, certain stylistic quirks that made it more like speech than a written record, and some things which I felt should have been caught in the proofreading stage.
However as I read on I found I could simply not put the book down.
It repeated certain things several times, the language is in places loose and inexact, the rhythm jerky. But what could portray the splintered nature of the pain felt by adopted children torn from their culture and roots and denied the ability to understand the differences between themselves and their adoptive families, better than this fragmented, disjointed attempt to communicate the pain of those lives?
If you take a child from her mother, from her tribe, from all she or he has been born into, turn their life and values upside down and deny them access to the knowledge of where they came from, you can hardly expect a clearly laid out and methodical exposition of facts.
This is writing which gets to the emotional heart of the suffering caused by the closed adoption of one person. By that light it also illuminates the clear injustice in a system which protects the rights of the birth-parents and the adoptive parents and possibly above all of the adoption agencies, but denies any justice to the thousands of children involved.
This book should make you question the wisdom of any adoption being closed. The old arguments that it is better for the child to know the love of a family who wanted them, and be protected from learning that they were abandoned and shut out, will not wash.
Read it if you believe this argument is justifiable, and tell me you have not changed your point of view after after reading it!
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