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Working Stiffs by Simon Wood
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Jun 27, 2011

it was ok
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Read from June 23 to 27, 2011

Working Stiffs is made up of many stories. In some, the male characters are really gullible, falling for "I'm so scared. Take me to a hotel" bit. What kind of bosh is that?

In Old Flames Burn the Brightest, Colin is an author of crime books and happily married to Julie when Denise reenters his life and her intentions are clear. His intentions, however, are not the same as hers. She tells him her husband abuses her and wants his help in protecting her. - a little on the lame side but with the benefit of no added fluff - 3 stars

In My Father's Secret , Without Vincent knowing why he and his reticent father watch with binoculars a house across the street. His father knows what they're up to but Vincent sure doesn't and his father isn't about to tell him. All Vincent knows is that they are watching for someone they refer to as "Spectacles." - I was intrigued to discover what was going to take place. The end was somewhat predictable. - 3 stars

In A Break in the Old Routine , Sam gets scammed by an attractive woman he has just met and his laptop is missing with the proposal he was going to bring before a prospective client. This reader could tell right away the laptop would come into play in this story. - 2 stars

in Parental Control , Preston isn't beyond using a handgun in dealing with child discipline. Just ask his neighbor Mike. - What could have been a decent story, I give a 2-star to. It wasn't wrapped up well. Nothing was questioned in Preston's way of handling the discipline tactics of his son.

In The Real Deal , Kenneth along with his daughter Meg Travel to Peru to receive what he hopes is a miracle cure from a shaman. Kenneth has a backup plan in case this doesn't work for him. His daughter has a plan as well. - 3 stars

- An officer has been shot with his own gun in Officer Down . Even though he had a Kevlar vest on, he feels as though his life has been taken from him. He wants his gun back but that's not all he wants. - This one definitely lacks a satisfying ending. I expected there to be an element which the final character didn't see coming but the ending... well, just ended. - 2 stars

The Fall Guy - Uninsured driver Todd backed into a Porsche with his old Honda Accord. Instead of leaving contact information in front of those who witnessed the accident, he leaves a note under the windshield wiper: "People think I'm leaving you my contact and insurance details. I'm not. Sorry" and drives away to a job that he despises.

Todd's indiscretion was discovered and now it's payback time in the form of odd jobs, that if discovered, will get him in trouble in a different way than if he doesn't do as told. It doesn't take much for him to uncover some nasty stuff and he's in way over his head. He thinks he may be out from under one man's thumb only to be indebted to someone else who wants more "favors." - 2 stars

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