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Grant by Jean Edward Smith
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Dec 27, 2015

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12/20/2011 page 21
3.0% "I love Grant!! Biographies are so engaging. The Preface alone held my interest, describing his quiet strength and immense importance to the nation. Incredible and beautiful! How he saved Lee from being hanged, and felt fear at his first encounter with the enemy. How his enemies spoke louder than his friends, thus giving his presidency a bad name. Just heart-touching."
12/24/2011 page 49
6.0% "A most wonderful time reading Grant on our trip to LA. From his birth, his love for horses, the poor confusion of his name, his courting and longing, his role model in General Taylor, his hate of the Mexican War and how he saw that this war seeded the Civil War. All so enlightening and oftentimes amazing, inspiring, and touching. Also fascinating to see all the Civil War famous faces at West Point together..."
12/27/2011 page 58
7.0% "I just like reading about him. Sobering perspective he gives about war feeling less horrible when one is in it than when one is reading about it (50). Also, his "lack of moral courage" to turn back making him flow along with the charge he wasn't meant to partake of (54). And his terms at Appomattox being almost identical to Taylor's at Monterrey. Pleasant reading after finishing modernized Wilberforce."
12/30/2011 page 60
8.0% "Gotta love Taylor and the poetic justice of a victory at Buena Vista. Winfield Scott is such a meany. Fascinating he is to Lee as Taylor is to Grant."
01/02/2012 page 65
8.0% "Interesting reading indeed. So Lee was the engineer who found good routes in Mexico for Scott -- who isn't such a meany all the time. Grant cites his professionalism."
02/28/2012 page 82
10.0% "I reread past the point I read over en route to and back from LA. I come to this book with such a different air now! (as novel-research) Nice stories here: Longstreet hands the colors to Pickett, Grant goes up the church belfry with a gun. He grows to love the Mexican people. He marries Julia with grooms who will surrender to him at Appomattox. His treacherous journey across Panama and his personally aiding the sick."
02/29/2012 page 98
13.0% "Poor Grant! Always in bad luck. Met up with Sherman, also in straights, while peddling firewood in St. Louis. Met Longstreet and saw him for the last time before Appomattox to pay a debt, despite poverty. Freed his one slave at a time such men would go for $1000."
03/04/2012 page 115
15.0% "Reading on drive to Wilton -- now Grant is off to war! Amazing the transformation to something he can excel in. So much info... His wanting the men to march rather than take the train, being understanding with his discipline -- so much deeper and compassionate a man than some bios let on."
03/07/2012 page 122
16.0% "Grant's message to the citizens of Paducah -- benevolent and ever clear."
03/08/2012 page 167
21.0% "Tremendous progress! Interesting tidbits throughout, a little sad he tries to cover his failures so much. Not like the "faultless" Lee we saw last night on A&E. Great reading on drive through Zilli area on way to LA. Quite exciting the battles at last."
03/12/2012 page 173
22.0% "Poor Grant - Donelson got to his head as he berated Buell. And darn Halleck - sounds like Montgomerey..."
03/13/2012 page 178
23.0% "Poor Grant, almost arrested from the Halleck messages fiasco. Quite interesting stuff. Nice to see CF Smith's so touching letter on Grant's humility. Aw wonderful."
03/16/2012 page 206
26.0% "Ah, pleasant to read all about Shiloh so close to its anniversary in a few weeks. I love how now I can picture the battle now and its participants. I can feel the famousness of it; like Gettysburg, there's a controversy (Wallace). Interesting how it parallels Waterloo (should read Bevin's Generals from Stuart). Grant, as always, firm and sure. I love the flow of the text. So enjoyable reading as M sleeps. Fulfilling."
04/14/2012 page 212
27.0% "Watching "How to Train Your Dragon" and getting animation-moded -- detrimental to Civil War mood. Anyway, between last post and now, 54 went to MS and saw Vicksburg!"
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