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The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima
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Jun 22, 11

Read in September, 2009

It was an incredible story with Magic spilling out everywhere and 1/4 possible revelations revealed (Amon's binding to Raisa). But I had to read it over several times before I came to a the fourth revelation myself. Crow. HRMAW. His Royal Majesty Alger Waterlow. Crow is the DEMON KING! Crow/Alger reveals himself in a series of subtle hints including, "I hate Aerie house. They took everything from me." And they did. His life, his house, his wife, the chance to meat his unborn children. And to top it off, they made it look like it was all HIS fualt. Also, if the Bayars then were anything like Micah and Gavan, they probably killed more than one of the people he loved. But how is it possible, you ask? I have a possible theory. The Bayars took him alive so that they could interogate him painfully. The Byars, being arrogant as usual, would not take his amulet off of him, or he had it or another one hidden. Before the killing blow hit him, Alger spoke the Aediion charm and traveled to the world of dreams. There he (obviously) ran out of stored power over a thousand years, and even if he hadn't, his body would be dead, so he couldn't return anyway. But still, doomed to eternity in a world that you could shape to your will. Could be worse. But going for a thousand years with little or no human contact is sure to put a number on his nerves. If my theory is true, then Crow/Alger might have the same amulet as Han, illusion form. It also makes sense that he would know a lot of magic, as he was an incredible prodigy even by the Golden Age of Wizardry's standards. His Royal Majesty Alger Waterlow was also married to the Queen of the fells during the time of the Wizard Kings, so Technically he is a "Royal Majesty". When you put all the evidence together, there is no other possible explanation. As for Crow saying he was "Faculty" at Oden's ford, he probably was when he was, you know, alive. If not, he can still lie. Where do you think Han got his ability to be a "rum liar"? Crow is Alger Waterlow, and Han didn't know what he was dealing with when he accepted tutoring.
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Subservient Servant That is a very plausible theory, Keeth. you must be one smart kid to come up with that one.

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