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The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Marilyn Manson
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Jun 22, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: dark-and-twisty, nonfic, weird-stuff, biographies

Once upon a time, I dated a goth boy. And that goth boy had an unhealthy obsession with Marilyn Manson. I was constantly subjected to his CDs and creepy videos and even had to deal when the goth boy started wearing smudged eyeliner and dying his hair black.

Of course, he bought this book the day it came out and since I had a bit of a morbid interest in the guy my boyfriend fell in love with, I gave it a read.

The two things I got from this book:

1. Brian Warner is an intelligent man.
2. Brian Warner is a total dick.

He has the potential to be a pretty cool guy, but somewhere along the way he sold out. He's very proud of his image of being one fucked up dude, and he tries way too hard to shock. Lame--I can think of a half a dozen other rockstars that have done more effed up stuff than him.

The book is entertaining and it was interesting finding out about Brian as a child and how he came to be who he is. But seriously, he needs to get his head out.
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Glennda ok i got one thing to say to you sarah: BRIAN WARNER/MARILYN MANSON IS NOT A TOTAL DICK and why in no mans land would you say that about him. Thats just mean

Glennda lets just say you u r a totally a dick for saying that

Sarah Wow, scorcher. And it only took you two weeks to come up with that scathing comeback in reply to...oh wait, I couldn't be bothered to reply to your first idiotic comment.

Glennda fuck off, bitch

Christine Score: Sarah 2, Glennda 0.

Glennda I will get marilyn manson to come over to my house and find ware you live and me and marilyn will kick your living ass to $@@ and back
Do u understand now? :)

Michelle Glennda: Threatening someone over the internet? So hxc. Sweetie, you really need to get your head checked. MM isn't going to kick anyone's arse over a review on a book.

No matter how much I love Marilyn Manson's music, I agree with this review.

message 8: by Colleen (new)

Colleen Glennda, you should possibly off yourself. It's 'where' by the way.

Kaitlyn I respect your opinion, but i don't think Marilyn is a total dick. He is said to be one of the nicest people you will ever meet. But, i also don't think "marilyn Manson is gonna go to that girls house, find out where you live, and kick the shit out of you". Marilyn wouldn't do something like that, for he wouldn't waste his time doing that. He respects other peoples opinions, even christians. Sorry you have chosen to see him this way, and sorry you gotta deal with crazy people for saying your opinion.

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