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Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
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Jun 22, 11

did not like it
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I wanted so badly to like this book. It had some potential. I liked the idea. I even enjoyed it while I was reading it. That being said, it was not executed very well and I will go on to explain why I feel that way.
This book was much too short for the tale it was trying to tell. This book is supposed to be a love story. I didn't really see it like that. It is more of an immature affection story. Lucius and Aurora do not know each other at all. They have had a few conversations. Big deal. I could say that about tons of people I don't really know. It may have helped if the reader knew either characters, but in this very short book, I didn't feel like I really knew either of them. I got a small introduction to both of them, but in no way did I feel they were fully developed.
This book is supposed to be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. That is why I picked it up in the first place. But if I had not known that that's what it was supposed to be, and Aurora's last name wasn't Belle, I would have made no connection. Maybe others have a different interpretation, but I believe Beauty and the Beast to be about loving someone through getting to know them, regardless of appearance or first impressions or the past. But the connection between Lucius and Aurora is very weak. As I stated before, they do not know each other. They are more concerned with each other's past than who the other is now. And they both talk of this crazy notion of immiediatley knowing the other without ever speaking. I don't believe in this instant connection nonsense. That is NOT what Beauty and the Beast is about.
Plus, the ending to this book was absolutely horrible. I won't spoil it for you. You can read the last two hideous pages for yourself. It's almost funny how stupid it is.
Also, some things in this book were just not accuracte. Once again, I won't spoil anything, but many things just don't happen. I even noticed something illegal that would not have been treated so lightly.
If this book was twice as long, it could've gone somewhere. But as it is, it goes nowhere.
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