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Possession by Elana Johnson
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Jun 21, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: epic-fails, started-but-never-finished, sucks-ass
Read from August 07 to September 16, 2011

The reason why I never finished Possession was because it was due in my library. I know what you're thinking, "well, gosh, why don't you just take it out again instead of basing your rating on something that had nothing to do with the book?" . And if you're not thinking that, then I'm shamed out :)

Well, the reason why Possession is rated one star is because I'd already renewed the book two times (the maximum limit you can renew a library item for- in my library anyway), which meant that I had the book for nine freaking weeks and still, I just couldn't get around to finishing it.

I did, actually, gave this numerous goes, but in the end I just couldn't be fucked reading about how awesome Jag's hair looks and how much Jag loves Vi's hair. No one gives a shit.

I can't really write a solid review based on just fifty pages of the book I've read (I know, I know, shame on me. But in my defense, this book sucked some major ass), so I will just tell you fellow readers why I never actually got round to finishing Possession .

1. The Whole Vi and Jag Thing

InstaLove. Okay, so it wasn't the traditional Instalove (*cough, cough* Twilight). But still. It pissed the hell out of me. Like, would someone (who has a boyfriend, I might add) just fall in "love" with a boy with gelled hair whom she'd just met within the span on a few days? No, I think not. And they were in jail! You just don't go randomly hooking up with boys in jail cells and ask them to style your hair for you. No. You just don't do that. And I mean, Vi has Zenn, for Christ's sake! And she always went on about how fucking awesome he is and how he's so good to her. What the freaking hell.
It made no sense.

2. The World Building

I have to admit, this was pretty alright but it was so vague . Like, I never got the sense of a whole world. It was always bits and bobs (look at me using this expression *giggles*) and they never made sense. And what the hell was up with that Waterlands thing? I didn't get it. Then there was the whole Goodies and Baddies thing. I like the idea but it really could've developed further. Goodlands? Badlands? Original. Very.

3. The Characters

Vi... I'm a bit mixed feelings for her really, because she was the snarky, sarcastic tough heroine that I liked but she was unbelievable. She seemed really fake to me, like when Jag started crying (I can't even remember the reason why he was) she was all like, "I want to comfort him and make him smile", it felt weird. I mean, she only knew the guy for like, a couple of days and suddenly they're biffles and cuddle each other. Sorry that I keep going on about the same point but it was really the main reason why I stopped reading. Because the "romance" (see how I put quotation marks around that? It's because I'm not even sure that it's real) felt forced and rushed. See, if I was the one taken by these Goodies and was put in a jail cell with a dude and my boyfriend was somewhere else, I'd probably be thinking of a way out quickly and ignoring the random of a guy who was in jail with me. Which brings me to my next point: Jag.
Am I the only one who thinks Jag seemed majorly dodgy? Man. He was creepy. I don't know, but there's something... weird about him that I didn't like.
Moving on:
Zenn. So, I didn't really get to know him well (in the span of pages that I've read) and I felt that I should've. I never believed that Vi and him had something special at all because I never knew what he was like. All the clues that Vi gave us about was, "he's in the army", "he's a goodie who understands and loves me" and "he gave me a watch"- it was a watch right? Shame on me again if I got that wrong- and the rest was all Jag, Jag, Jag and a little bit of Ty and Vi's mum. That was all about him.


I'm tired now and I hope that three points are enough to show my point. I may finish this later but don't count on it. :P
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message 1: by Celine (new)

Celine haha. so glad u read this 1st.
I really dnt want to waste one 2nd of my life even looking at the cover of this book from now on. saved me agony. :D!

Ela haha, thanks, i guess... :p

message 3: by Celine (new)

Celine hehe. sorry u had to go thru it though. :P

Ela haha, it's all good :))

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