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Dark Descendant by Jenna Black
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Jun 21, 2011

it was ok
Read in June, 2011

Warning: this is probably a bit spoilery.

This book wasn't very good for my blood pressure. The pace started out intense and never let up. I mean it never. let. up. It was actually a little exhausting to read it. It also made it hard to put down.

There was some very grim stuff in here, which in most cases the author was kind enough to either gloss over or have happen offscreen. There didn't seem to be any real "good guys" except for the heroine and her sister, and they are put through the wringer in this book. The biggest problem I have with the book is that all of the challenges the heroine faces are pretty much unavoidable. Aside from her very first choice in the book, there is really nothing she can do to prevent what happens for the rest of the story.

She's constantly reacting because horribly difficult situations are constantly being thrown at her. By the end, I was left feeling really bad for her, even though things were "resolved." She may have more powers at the end of the book, but she's basically lost her independence. The payoff (now she's found a group that may become a "family" to her someday) just didn't negate the bad stuff that preceded it (much of which was done to her by said "some-day family"). I was left feeling kind of depressed after reading it.

Overall, the book is actually fairly well-written, with the author giving believable explanations for most of the characters' behaviors, but it still felt too much like the main character was being railroaded. It made the story more realistic, perhaps, but not the escapist entertainment I'm usually looking for in my novels.

Once again, not my thing. That's two in a row, now...
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Kockara Thunderbeirgh I'm so glad someone said it! I felt the (EXACT)same way. There was never really any option given to the heroin. It was like she was always up against the wall with no way out. Not to mention, I expected a little more development in the "power" department. I would of liked the book more if she was doing more damage than taking it all the time. :(

Cassandra I agree. I'm used to books where the main characters are empowered through the course of the story, not disempowered.

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