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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
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Mar 15, 2008

really liked it
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Recommended for: any JR Ward, BDB fan
Read in June, 2008

** spoiler alert ** After waiting for this one to be released, I read it on one night. This is a transitional book in the series, setting up for future books in the series. Now he is my take on what I read:

1. Cormia- I really felt sorry for her in the beginning. Taken from Sanctuary and only knowing her world there, I know the way she felt, complete culture shock!! I have been there and done that, it's not fun and you are completely overwhelmed. Finally she becomes friends with John Matthew and Bella. And grows some back bone and stands up for herself. Bravo Cormia Bravo!!!

2. Phury- God sometimes I wanted to put a foot so far up his butt that we would be hopping to the clinic. To me all he wanted was validation for what he had done to help his twin and when he did not get it he fell into a world of Drugs, alcohol and the little wizard in his head. Finally he wakes the hell up!!! I commend him for seeking out help and relief fromhis addiction but I just cannot condon what he was putting himself and his loved ones through.

3. John Matthew- He is growing in confidence and wisdom. I am so happy that Tohr is back in his life. He has needed him. The now interaction of John, Blay and Quinn kinda remind me of the 3 Musketeers in ways and the 3 Stooges in others.

4. Qhuinn- After the scene in the locker room, Qhuinn is a reall lucky dude. For Wrath to do what he did for him, the Ahstrux Nohtrum was his godsend. The interaction between Blay and Qhuinn was also priceless especially in the PT room. The way his parents and family treated him was horrible and I just do not understand the reason why was just because of his mismatched eyes and what the Glymera would say about him.

5. Blay- For Blay to come out of the closet took tremendous courage and for him to stand by his convictions on what he felt for Qhuinn was fantastic. My heart went to my throat with the scene of Blay and huinn in the tunnel at Blay's home. I felt complete devestation for him in what happened.

6. John, Qhuinn, and Blay- These 3 are the meaning of true friendship and love for one another. To me they are 3 brothers becoming one and can only get stronger.

7. Lash- what can I say. For some reason I always knew he was going to be trouble. A pure spoiled bully who has no caring for anyone's feelings. What a jerk!!! I would love to put a cap right in between his eyes myself!!

8. The rest of the Brotherhood- I was slightly upset about some of the interactions of the Brother's. Very little of Rhage, Vishous and Butch. Wraith was an intregal part of this story as was Zsadist. But I missed them all being together.

9. Shellan's- For the main part it was Bella that was there for Cormia. Some interaction with Jane but mainly Jane was there on a medical capacity. Beth showed up but she was only with Wraith, Qhuinn and John. No Mary whatsoever. I thought the Shellan's would rally around Cormia and help her transition into the world of the Brotherhood, but alas no just Bella. Thank god for Bella.

10. Tohrment- I am glad he is back within the Brotherhood. I know that he wanted to die and be with Wellsie and their child. But sometimes the greater need of all outweighs the needs of the one. I hope he can find peace and understanding for what he is seeking. John Matthew will help him immensely.

11. Lassiter- Well we finally see the Angel. I am quite, how would you say, intrigued with him. I cannot wait till more is known about him and his place in the storyline to come.

12. The Chosen-WOW! Talk about slavery to your race!! I really felt sorry for them. Not knowing anything about anything else except the enviroment they were in. Some of them are in for an awakening. I do agree with them being let go and finding themselves. I cannot wait for futire storylines from them.

13. The rest of the characters-Xhex what can I say, just have to wait and see what happens between her and JM. I am really interested also in the Moors. Not much has been written of them until this book. I am hoping more will be forthcoming in the next book. Payne, this will be interesting for 2 reasons, 1. What she said to the SV when she came out of the Stasis and 2. what is gonna happen when her brother V finds out about her. Will be interesting to see what happens in the future

and Lastly
Revhenge- This guy has more problems than a honeybee in a hothouse of flowers. The blackmail he is having to pay for to the Princess is revolting. Some how he has got to breakfree of her or it will be the death of him. I love how he and Xhex interact with each other, to me she is his other sister. But now I will eagerly anticipate he next book, Revhenge's story. Will be interesting in more ways than one.

Overall, I liked this book better than V's, but not as much as the other's. I do understand that thi is a transitional book to what will happen later on. There are parts that will make you laugh and parts that will make you cry. I just wished there had been more of the Brother's as a whole.
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Auntee Excellent, excellent review, Christel! All the points you made were right on! I especially loved what you said about Rehvenge and his problems--too true! lol! Also loved the Three Musketeers/Three Stooges comment! :D

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Daisiemae Wow Christel...great review. You make me want to read it today:)

Julie (jjmachshev) Christel!
Excellent been holding out on us!!

Christel Nah!! Just reading too many books and not taking time for a decent review of them. Need to rectify that situation

Kathrynn That was a wonderful review!

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Great review. I love to see what other people think of books. It's part of the fun of Goodreads. Not too much longer for Lover Avenged!

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