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Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress
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Jun 20, 2011

did not like it
Read in June, 2011

Do NOT read this book. Don't be fooled by cover blurbs that say "funny" or any synonyms thereto. Granted it was amusing at the very beginning. But it became apparent by the third disk that no plot was going to happen. Scenes were strung together over the coarse of YEARS with Georgia facing some glitches but no REAL trouble.

Various bits (it would be an overstatement to call them threads) are knotted together in the climax in the book, wherein Georgia tells everyone how many guys she's been sleeping with (one slated for six days of the week), that she has a son from a black man. Then Georgia drives her senile mother, her 20-year-old son, her ne're-do-well brother (who is called Brother by one and all throughout the book and clearly has a mental illness, probably personality disorder) all drive off to New Orleans!

We also learn in that last chapter that her best friend is a lesbian who loves Georgia but Georgia has never been interested. Boy, that's a whopper to mention right before the friend drives off!

Georgia learns nothing. No one in the book learns anything or is changed (except, I guess her friend, who gives up on Georgia ever falling in love with her).

And one burning question: Did the first preacher's wife really concoct with her (married!) brother a plan for him to sleep with Georgia as a way to blackmail and humiliate Georgia (who was sleeping with the first preacher's wife at the beginning of the book?

Egad, what a waste of ink, paper, recording time & resources--and my time! I kept listening only because it was in my car and it was like a train wreck--it's horrible, but I couldn't help wondering how the writer was going to try to end the thing.
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