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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
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Jul 26, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: least-favorite-of-a-series, vampires
Read from July 19 to 25, 2011

This book is rather hard to slog through, but I enjoyed the ending very much.

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07/20/2011 page 24
4.0% "Okay - now *spoilers*** In the first 24 pages of this book we learn that Phury is boardering on schitzophrenia - Chormia is a wannabe architect putting toothpicks together w/ peas and They STILL haven't freaking consumated their mating ceremony? Really? The virgin scribe hasn't put her foot down yet? Jeez - IDK - So far this book is worrying me in it's convoluted mess... I can only hope it focuses itself soon." 4 comments
07/20/2011 page 44
8.0% "Oh, my mind is a vast overload of theories now. The Omega's son. Yep, think I know who that might be. And I see some shitake mushrooms headed everyone's way if he is who I think he is. & I enjoyed the author's writing Cormia's excitement at seeing the outside world for the first time. Made me smile for her. Hope she doesn't have to go back any time soon. :)"
07/21/2011 page 108
20.0% "man oh man...Phury getting benched but finally actually spending time with Cormia - freaking finally! A glimpse of poor, poor T. Ugh... just sad. I love John's little crush on Xhex. I wonder if he liked beefy women in his first life? Hmmm... curious indeed."
07/22/2011 page 164
31.0% "I swear Phury & Cormia feels awfully familar - oh, right this back and forth crap was exactly the same between Butch and Marissa - oy... just a little different issues, but same, "Oh... I'm not worthy..." Mixed with some miscommunications because neither Phury or Cormia actually communicate with eachother. Glad Lash got the shiv. Although one boy should tell the truth & help Qhuinn out." 3 comments
07/24/2011 page 190
36.0% "Oh... This book is really annoying me, I gotta be honest. Cormia just found out what Phury did, yet Phury just realized he had feeling for her? Oy, vey. I don't know. Lash & T - Just... ugh... Although I'm happy Wrath worked out a good solution to Qhuinn & John, although I'm sad that it appears he won't be a Brother now."
07/25/2011 page 475
89.0% "Finally nearing the end of this book. It's felt like sludging through a swamp to get here - but now that I am, I'm glad I did. I don't want to spoil things, but curious to see how T is doing. I love that John was there for Z after finding P. Can't wait until John reveals what he saw - I hope someone believes him about L & he doesn't think he imagined it. :)"
07/26/2011 page 534
100.0% "The last 20-30 pages of this book made slogging through all the convoluted story worth it. It was a satisfying end, although I hope we get to see how Phury's plan works out in some of the future books regarding the Chosen, although I doubt it if the current series is anything to judge by."
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