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After Midnight by Teresa Medeiros
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Jun 20, 11

bookshelves: fantasy-romance, vampire, sensuous
Read in June, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Caroline - the oldest of 3 girls... and when their parents died, and their uncle claimed the estate (keeping them in the guest house) she took over their care... Vivienne, the prettiest & gentlest, is in London, having her season... and when she shows interest in Adrian Kane, Portia (the one with the greatest imagination) confides in Caroline that he is reputed to be a vampire...

Though Caroline doesn't believe her, they go to London to make sure their sister is safe...

There are many clues to make it look like Adrian is a vampire... but in fact he is a vampire hunter... and his gothic, handsome, younger brother is a vampire... Adrian's university friend, Duvalier, came to be quite jealous of Adrian, and joined a vampire fraternity - and once a vampire, he killed Adrian's fiance and started to kill his younger brother... Adrian rescued his brother - and his brother only takes animal blood, never human blood - though it took a while for Julian to become human enough for Adrian to release... and in this mythology, the one who turns you vamp has your soul, and the soul make him/her powerful... and Julian wants his soul back, and they spend 5 years trying to track Duvalier, so that Julian can kill him & get his soul back.

and Vivienne looks much like Adrian's fiance... so he has been wooing her in the hopes that Duvalier will reveal himself...

Yet when Adrian meets Caroline, his heart belongs to her... and though they both fight the attraction, eventually... ahhhhh ... he tells her the truth (and Julian's dark eye/tooth change convinces her)... and though Duvalier threatens Caroline, Adrian kills him (alas, his brother's soul has now gone to Duvalier's maker - a new target)... though after Duvalier had Julian, and thrust Portia at him, locking them together... and Julian had only taken enough blood to survive... now he needs to man up and go after the master vamp himself...

And Vivienne - who had been willing to marry Adrian (not knowing why of his true interest in her) for her family's comfort & safety, she is now free to marry poor Constable Larkin...

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