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If Looks Could Chill by Nina Bruhns
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Jun 19, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary, action-suspense

Story 1:
As much as recently-rehabbed STORM spec-ops member Marc resents his tame assignment of making sure efficient Louisiana state patrol officer Tara doesn't stumble into the terrorist investigation STORM is doing in the bayou he gets challenged by Tara's canny intelligence, wit, & attractiveness but his much-loved job prevents him from making any permanent commitments & heroine doesn't think that someone like him would love & commit to someone like her

Story 2:
STORM spec-Ops leader Bobby Lee wants to continue their sex-only r/s with gorgeous & keen STORM team member Darcy but Darcy who doesn't want to inform Bobby Lee she's in love with him wants to end their affair & they engage in a battle of wills which make both more aware of what they truly want from each other

Story 3:
Gina is a biochemical scientist who was kidnapped by Islamic terrorist & forced to create a biochemical powder that can annihilate a mass of people or animals but she's tried to sabotage her successful efforts with consequent punishment by sadistic terrorist leader & she blames her predicament on ZU-NE spec-Ops lover Gregg who she's convinced sold her to the terrorists & who she feels very betrayed & vengeful with.

Story 4:
Angelic-looking spec-Ops member Rebel has been in love with her best friend's fiance Alex who's rehabing from being captured & tortured by terrorists for 16 months but feels hopeless about it b/c Alex just moved their wedding date sooner even though he's trying to tell her some things but she cuts him off or they get interrupted & so she gives in to the sexual attentions of her new boss but soon it's obvious to both that he is only a substitute to Alex

It's a testament to Bruhn's writing skills that I didn't get confused or irritated while reading about 4 romances within a biochemical terrorist investigation plot. Each romance story was easy to follow & they were all good. The romance stories were emotionally-involving, sometimes funny, sensual, & had their own individuality. The characters were tied in well together as they all work towards finding & disarming the biochemical threat. Although the romance stories of Gina & Gregg as well as Rebel & the 2 men (Alex & Wade) were unfinished or hinted at, I was interested. The action-suspense part was fast-paced, exciting, & not bogged down by too much details. Can't wait to read the next book, A Kiss to Kill.

Highly recommended.

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