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Viper's Kiss by Shannon Curtis
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Jul 24, 2011

it was ok
Read from June 19 to 20, 2011

Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads

Maggie Kincaid leads a fairly boring life as a librarian at the University of Washington. Her mom is losing her battle to cancer and Maggie is struggling to pay the bills, keep a roof over their heads and be there for her mom during her final days. After being mistaken as “The Viper” who stole sensitive information from a partnership between the Department of Defense, TekIntel and the University, the worst day of Maggie’s life begins. She’s arrested at her job, in a car wreck, watches the 2 agents who arrested her get shot and killed, is taken again this time by really bad guys, gets beaten for information she doesn’t have, escapes only to be caught by Luke Fletcher – who’s working to catch the Viper – she finds out her mom was rushed to the hospital, so she escapes Luke’s custody and rushes to the hospital to be with her mom. Ok, deep breath. The sadness and craziness of her day doesn’t end there. Between the back and forth with Luke, will he believe she’s innocent or not, she escapes again to prove her innocence only to be caught in another showdown between the good and bad guys. I wanted to call a time out half way through just so Maggie could catch a breather and maybe deal with all the important things that happened throughout the day, the biggest being with her mom.

Luke Fletcher works for a security company hired by TekIntel and his first mission with the company is to recover the item stolen from the Viper, a suit with the potential to cause horrible damage if found in the wrong hands. What he doesn’t count on is Maggie. All the clues point to her guilt, but the evidence slowly piles up in her favor and he realizes too late that she’s a completely innocent party to everything going on. By this time, Maggie’s taking matters into her own hands and Luke has to rush to find her yet again as she sets out to prove who the bad guys really are.

There was so much action packed into the story that every scene Maggie made it through got lost in the overall story because it felt like so much was going on. Maggie has so much thrown at her in such a short period of time, hours really, and she holds it together through it all. She’s strong but the scenes with her mom showed how vulnerable she really is. It was heartbreaking to read those scenes, but again the emotion of it was so powerful and could have been even more so if we weren’t tossed back into the action along with Maggie. I also missed having more between her and Luke, seeing their relationship grow suffered because they were constantly dealing with outside forces.

For a book that’s a little on the shorter side, the action was just too much for me. Had the book been a little longer, and we had more development for Maggie and Luke’s relationship, it would have helped balance out the story. It had a lot of potential to be an interesting story for a quiet girl who busts out of her shell and into a crazy new world, but it didn’t really hit the mark.
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