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A Cast-Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell
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Jun 19, 11

I can't believe I tortured myself by reading the second in the series. My excuse is extreme insomnia and trying to get to sleep. From the first book reveiw

"Totally uneven and poorly thought out. If the heroine was chased out of town at 8 yrs old then traveled the world, why is she so intent on being a Texan? Why does she have an accent? Why does the entire flow of the book have to stop so we can be treated to repeated examples of her Texanism? Why doesn't the heroine have a deeper curiosity about being gifted with a familiar? Why would she accept a familiar since that is one of the most personal things a witch can do/have? Why doesn't she at least question the familiar about what is going on? How can the heroine be so incredibly ignorant after traveling the world? Why do we have to read the entire spell along with the heroine? Is this a book or a primer on witchery? Why do the brothers have different last names if they have the same father?

Don't read, what a mess of a book."

This book was even more of a clusterf#ck than the first.

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Courtney You hit on pretty much every aspect that annoyed me, too. Page after page of waiting for Lily to DO something beyond info-dump about clothes, characters all speaking/acting years younger than they should..

Mari 1. I think your reading comprehension is the problem. She went to live with her grandmother at 8. Not to travel the world.
2. She has a texas accent because thats where she is from. What the hell do you mean WHY does she have a Texas accent. Its not like she talks about Texas often, other then once in a while to compare it with San Francisco, which most readers would enjoy, as both places are fascinating.
3. As you said, accepting a familiar is a personal matter, so I guess she doesn't feel the same way you do. Seeing how there are no real magical familiars in the world, how do you even know what they are like? She does question Oscar, but he REFUSES TO TALK, and as Lilly likes him, she realizes that he is still beholden to Aiden, and that making him talk would be a mistake.
4. Ignorant in what way? I saw no evidence of any ignorance. she understands people, and is well versed in magic.
5. The reason she tells us about her spell craft is the same as why she tells us about Texas and San francisco. Thats the interesting stuff. Its just as interesting as the mystery, or more so to hear her thoughts about magic, and the magical "laws" in that universe.
6. The reason they have different last names is one of them changed his. Try actually reading.

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