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Secrets by Angela Knight
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Mar 15, 2008

really liked it
Recommended for: erotic romance readers.
Read in March, 2008

Wow! The cover boasts "The Best in Women's Sensual Fiction", and I tend to agree! This is the first in the series I've read. I'm sure they don't need to be read in order as they are short stories written by 4 different authors.

I'll start with my fave of the four: Blood and Kisses by Angela Knight. I've always enjoyed her writing. She breathes life into her characters, creates a world that you walk right into, and grabs ahold of you from the first sentence to the last. Beryl is a strong woman with a past and a lot of guilt. Decker is the perfect man/vampire for her; strong, sensual and can hold himself in check. The story has a plot that's engaging, plenty of well-played action scenes and the erotic sex scenes leave you breathless. Can't ask for better from Knight.

The second one, I really liked: The Spy Who Loved Me by Jeanie Cesarini. The characters are completely believable, but I'm not so sure the plot would be. Although it's not completely unoriginal, I think the Cesarini could have added another element to it. There was no real danger to the characters until near the end, and that was perfect. The sensual love scenes, different places, different positions, were well written and leaves you breathless.

The third story, not too bad: Love Undercover by B.J. McCall. Not bad, could have used a little extra 'oomph'. The characters are supposed to have known each other for a while, she the lieutenant, he the detective. The both have the hots for each other, and when the opportunity arises, they take the chance. Although I did feel a connection, I didn't feel the 'sizzle' the characters are apparently supposed to have. There was no plot, unless the 'guy getting the girl' was the plot, then the story succeeded, just to say. There wasn't one action scene, which kind of made it a little boring for a detective short story. The love scenes were hot!, but that's about it.

The last story, I wasn't happy with: The Barbarian by Ann Jacobs. Nope, not happy. Lady Brianna comes out as a fierce girl of 16, trying to defend her home the best she can. She knows what's supposed to happen and she's trying to stop it. She's forced to marry Giles, and after their wedding night, he takes off for more than a week, seeing to the rest of the estate. He comes back, and while the sex is great, that's it! There's no talking, only experimenting with 'toys' and such. There was absolutely no point to this, unless her complete and total surrender was the whole thing - cause that's it. It's like being beaten into submission, except with sex. She was no longer the 'come out fighting' girl trying to protect her home. I didn't like what he turned her into - as close to a sex slave as can be - and you can understand why the author called him a Barbarian. Cause that's exactly how he behaves. And I'm sorry, but a Barbarian with the name Giles? Oh, come. On. For Brianna to admit to Giles that she was in love with him at the end of the story nearly made me gag. She had spent less than two days in his company, and although she's seen how he treats others, that's not a reason to 'fall in love with someone'. Nope, didn't like it at all.

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