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The Blonde Theory by Kristin Harmel
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Jun 18, 2011

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bookshelves: chicklit
Read in November, 2007

Maybe my expectations are too high, but oy to all the books lately that could be really good and there is just that something that brings them all down! This was another one. I need to just get my lame-o ranting out of the way first. The Girl in this story is like this high flying rare science-y patent attorney and yet she only makes like $300,000/year, which is like NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. And there was this word that was used in the book a bunch, but damnit, now I can’t remember it. It was lame, that is for sure. I think it ended with a -ly and was so not a real word. It was just so out of character for someone of this educational calibre. Besides those downfalls, the book was entertaining enough. Girl is finally fed up of boys not liking her for being successful. Think Miranda from SEX AND THE CITY. That was this Girl, but lamer. She and her friends try an experiment to see if she acts stupid, will guys like her more. And guess what happens! Of course they do! She hooks up with a soap actor one of her friends works with and while she thinks this relationship is going places, of course, it’s not. And then the plumber comes over to fix her toilet and they hit it off. WOW! Couldn’t have seen that coming from a mile away. I also didn’t like that this girl felt she had to be good at everything. I personally love being alone and self reliant, but there are some things I love asking (and knowing I can pay for myself) to get help on. Fixing things around the house and anything to do with my car, I will give you my left foot to fix it because I don’t want to and don’t care to know. This Girl was like too self reliant on herself and beating herself up when she couldn’t do something. Another yay part was the end. She ended up with no one! Yay!

Grade: C+

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