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Die for Me by Amy Plum
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Oct 27, 11

Read from October 23 to 27, 2011

This book has me speechless.. I have not been captivated by a book in such a long time. I am so upset that I have to wait till may for the next installment but Amy Plum has sold me on this book and got herself a new fan:) I highly recommend this book to all
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10/24/2011 "This book is so good:) I am now wanting to know who Vincent is and what is going on"
10/24/2011 "what the hell is he... ugh... the suspense is killing me" 2 comments
10/25/2011 "ok so now she knows what he is and so do I. At this part I can understand why people think it is a little like Twilight but honestly I still think this book holds its own" 6 comments
10/27/2011 "wow this book has got me and I can not wait to finish it"

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Ronda I am dying to read this book at some point :)

Shannon I agree it looks so good

message 3: by Jg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jg How are you finding it so far?

Shannon Jg wrote: "How are you finding it so far?"

I am not far into it yet but so far I am finding myself asking questions already and liking the book

Ronda I didn't know you had read this already Shannon!!! Now I'm jealous lol

Shannon This was just a great book Ronda.. I thought you read it already

Ronda no i don't own this one.... I have both books marked to read/buy but not read them yet :)

Shannon ugh.. I can lend it to you next week when you get your ereader:) see now we can lend books to one another ...

Ronda that would be great thanks.... it's like visiting a library ha ha :D

Shannon Honestly I use that function so much..I am glad to see so many librabies doing that. but it does make me sad to think what will happen one day when ereaders and tablets take over the world and there will be no more book:( I also just responded to your email you sent to me...

Ronda I know, can you imagine a world without 'real' books??? hmmmmm I'd best keep mine for the future, they will be worth millions ha ha.... I just got your email THANKYOU :)

Shannon Not a problem :) I never thought about it that way that someday kids may not know what a book that just depresses me

Ronda oops, don't think like that, it won't be in our lifetime, but I'm sure everything will be electronic at some point .... maybe that's why we all appreciate our books so much!

Shannon I agree.. ok so sad part over... so I just texted Kevin and asked him if he wanted to go on a hot date this he wrote back with who.. nice love him to pieces,,lol

Ronda ha ha ha that is typical of a bloke!!!! so funny....

Shannon I always say he is a dork but he is my special dork... he makes me laugh all the time

Ronda hahahaha normally 'dork' puts me in the mind of someone who is not all there, but you use it with such sweetness... he has to be proud to be your dork!!! my son Allan is like that, he is the clown of the family and always says things that makes me crease... laughing is good, keeps us all young :D

Shannon that is my Kevin.. He can be a sweety when he wishes to be but normally he just keeps me laughing

Ronda I think that's lovely :D

Shannon :).. well I need to get some work done today.. year end is fast appoarching and with everything that is going on here at the firm it is just crazy so I will chat in a little while with you..

Ronda Okies..... I'm gonna sort some food out for the kids :D

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