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Relentless by Bailey Bradford
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** spoiler alert ** I was really enjoying the plot until the first sex scene of the book, it was all down hill from there

I don't really know who Aidan is wooing, Zane or Gabriel, i'm afraid at some point it will turn into a menage, Zane was right in being jealous by his so called mate behavior.

And the characters were so annoying, at first they come as drama-queens it isn't until Zane starts telling what happened to him that the real drama should have kicked in.

And damn it!, too much protagonism from Gabriel & Mika!, I didn't like them! that's why I didn't read the first book!, and there was too many scenes between them and too much meddling in to the main characters lives, Gabriel is such a queen and it's overly apparently one of the writer favorite characters, the why he acts and refers to everyone else and how he gets it always his way, I hated him a lot.

and the main couple... I was highly disappointed, because I was expecting two alpha males finding there were mates, strong and determined to have it their own way and then Aidan is so easy going and flirty with Gabriel and then goes all macho on Zane at the point of claiming him when he couldn't agree or disagree, he was just at the edge of becoming a douchebag to me, and Zane, he goes from this manly intelligent tortured character i loved at the beginning to this prissy "I-never-wanted-to-be-alpha" girl, i wanted to cry.

Finally there were certain points on the book when I didn't know who was talking to who, I had to reread some paragraphs to make sense out of them.

I skipped a lot of pages, don't even remember how that bad guy was killed, all I want to do is forget I read this book.
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