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And There Was Light by Jacques Lusseyran
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Aug 16, 11

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So philosphical, wow! This man had an incredible mind. He was truly brillant.
He kept talking about people had a moral smell to them. I couldn't stop thinking what it would be like to stand in front of him. Would it be like meeting God? I think it would be terrifying but also fascinating.
He is remarkable. Being blind, he becomes a type of human polygraph, and helps the Resistance movement by interviewing possible candidates and he is able to tell the sincere from the impostors. This book was suggested by Jerry Johnston in the newspaper.
An insightful teacher told them: Gentlemen, I ask you to listen to me, not to obey me. This land will surely perish if everyone obeys." pg 139
The people of France had a new name given to them: Les attentistes, the waiting ones. pg.159

He explained to me why I choose English lit as my major: "I had chosen the field of literature, which fitted in with my ability and my tastes. At the end of these studes there shone the prospect of the only professions I could care for, the ones which would put me in direct touch with other men -the professions of diplomacy and teaching."
193: They proved that Nazism was a germ to be found everywhere, a sickness endemic to the human race.
240: Friendship was salvation, in this fragile world the only thing left that was not fragile. I promise you one can be drunk on friendship as well as on love."
293: Truth slides over a man, but falsehood fastens on to him like a leech."
Is that not beautifully said?
He was a wonderfully spiritual man with so many great ideas. I loved the book and he gave me a lot to ponder. Our book group asks why we read so many WWII books and he gave me the answer: Because to fight a war you have to round up good, moral people, much like us, Mothers, trying to raise decent children in society. We would be the type of people he would be looking for.

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