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If I Die by Rachel Vincent
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Dec 03, 11

it was amazing
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Read in December, 2011

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. I can die happy now(:
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Alexander Stuart Cross why?? what happens with tod? what does he do?

Alana What do you mean?

Alexander Stuart Cross u sed team tod right! what does that mean? does he like kaylee aswell or summutt?

Alana I haven't read If I Die, but I personally think that he likes Kaylee. I think Rachel Vincent has said that somewhere too.

Alexander Stuart Cross ohh...yh i thought he liked kaylee aswell from the way hes been acting when there was trouble with nash and kaylee he was always siding with her. its sweet and i really like tod. all throughout out it i was wishhing they'd get together! i love Racheal vincent!

Alana Yes! I love Tod and Kaylee together, Nash kind of pisses me off. Yeah i agree Rachel Vincent is amazing! Love love love her!(:

Alexander Stuart Cross aww.. same ...i mean i like him and so does kaylee so i want them to be hapy together but tod sounds fit and i want him to be more included..i kinda feel sorry for him...hes like a ghost and hes alwyas helpin kaylee out...i sooo wish they cud go together. i haven't read it yet though. im up to the 4th book. need to find it int he library. to know i have people in common with :) is there any other author u like? im from englan btw:)

Alana Yeah I know what you mean, if Kaylee stays with Nash in the end, I'd be okay with it. I just like Tod more. Yeah I wish Kaylee would see how much Tod cares about her. Hmm there's sooooo many books that I'd recommend! First of all I absolutely love Cassandra Clare, she is all sorts of amazing. What kinds of books do you like?

That's so cool, I've always wanted to visit England, America gets quite boring after awhile(:

Alexander Stuart Cross u LIVE in america!!!! wow ....i might be goin to new york next yearr..can't waitt!!!! anyway i like the twilight series and i like cathy hopkins and meg cabot and becca fitzapatrick and sum others lolxx ive never heard of cassandra claire but i'll check her out :) i totally agree with ya. i won't mind about nash and kaylee but i soo LOVE tod. i hope he gets sumone aswell IF they do go off together lol:) soo tell me !! hows it like in america.. ur surrounded by CELEBSS!!god im soo jealous!

Alana I love Becca Fitzpatrick! America... Eh it's not bad. I would give anything to live in Europe! You have all the sexy accents we just have boring people!

Alexander Stuart Cross haha lol..u kiddn me ..its soo all the best peopel cum from america! what sexy accent? our bloody accent is crap...u guys are like high and mighty americans with hot guys and so much romance. god ! and the place is gorgeous! i wud die o have a life in america! it has soo much more value and historya and all!

Alexander Stuart Cross hey what book have u read by becca fitzpatrick? and u HAVE to read meg cabot books. they are great and i think u'll like them:) especially how to be popualr and jinx and all emerican girl by her.theyre great :lx have u got face book?

Alana We shall have to agree to disagree(: I've read the Hush, Hush series. And I've read insatiable and abandon by Meg cabot, she's pretty good! And I do have a Facebook.

And Btw.
Your accent is not crap(:

Alexander Stuart Cross lol ..u obvs have no idea what ur sayn lol..I LOVE the hush hush series ive read both hush hush and crescendo and im waiting for silence to cum out:) hey add moi on fc bk if u can? tell em what ur name is and ill search ya. ill try anyway..and my name ain't rose on fc bk it is the full name:)xx hey btw is if i die even out yet and how many more books till the full series?

Alana Um my Facebook is lanamariee11 or Alana Marie.
um if I die isn't out and I think there maybe 6 or 7 books. Yes I'm very excited for silence too, total cliff hanger!

Alexander Stuart Cross deffo lol! i can't find u..ur gonna hav to give me ur email so i know its u and not sum ditzy weirdo stalker or whatevr. any way im ruzina akhter and i hav a pic of flower lol look out for a ivit from hows the magnificent america..and i agree crescendo like ends in the middle of a bllOOody BATTLE!laterx

Alexander Stuart Cross ps. marcie is a BITCH!

Alana Lol marcie is, isn't she! Haha I added you.

Alana On Facebook.

Alexander Stuart Cross did u? i don't think u did cuz i haven't got a invite from ya!

Alana Hmm I'll try again

message 22: by Alexander Stuart Cross (last edited Jul 24, 2011 02:14PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alexander Stuart Cross nono i think uve got the wrong person:P remmeber my name is Ruzina Akther on fc bk and iv got a pic of a rose:) if i give u my email it will be easier to find me
hope ull find moi:P laterz ..ive ordered if i die from amazon and i can't wait till it cumzxx

Alana Ugh lucky!! I'm probably going to have to wait til the library gets it!

Alexander Stuart Cross :) i no ...well we have a school library and whatever book we want we write it down and the librarian orders it for us..pretty cool. lots of people just put down lots of books and she gets them for us...she also gets the latest books for us :) can't wait for it:) hey u HAVE to read the evernight series by claudia gray..THE'RE amazing!!!xx:):Lx

Alana Yes I have! I just haven't read afterlife yet.

Alexander Stuart Cross omg really...there GREAT..and neither have i but i put that on the list and it shud be arriving ...can't wait..just a few weeks ago i WAS DYIN to no what happens with lucas and whats-her-name i fogot? and now im DYING to no what happens with kaylle and nash ...and tod:)ofc!!:):Lx

Alana Hahahahah

Alexander Stuart Cross :) hey have u read finding sky by joss stirling. i loved it..u have to read it:)

Alana Hmmm. I'll check it out!

Alana Oh yes I have actually.

Alana Nevermind. I haven't read it, but it is on my to read list!(:

Alexander Stuart Cross lol...soo was that a 'yes i HAVE read it' or 'no i avent READ it' lol @ u ...well if u HAVE read it then good on u and if u havent THEN READ IT!!!xxxx

Alexander Stuart Cross OMFG!! have u read reaper by rachela vincent..its a story by tod!!!! arrrhhh its really short though u can download it for free on her website!! tell me wat ya think:)xxx

Alana Yeah I've read it. Well most of it any way.

Alexander Stuart Cross most of it??? is it a real book or just a really short story about how tod died cuz im not sure if u can actuallly order iT online to read the full version(IF THERE IS ONE)...ive also my soul to kaylee got out in a mental clinic or summut...very short aswell:) hey uve gave me Lots OF suggestions of BOOKS TO READ..AND I ALWAYS THOUGHT i READ ALOT:)XX

Alexander Stuart Cross omg have u read boys that bite ...the blood coven novels by mari mancusi ....they are really good:) and have u read the poison apples by lilly allen they are really good aswell:)xxx

Alana Hmm. I have read boys that bite. But I didnt really like it so I stopped the series. But I will check out the poison apples.

Alexander Stuart Cross aww ..okaii then..i thought it was quite good:P especially rayne side of the books lol....well the poison apples was good the time i actually read ..u might find it quite orin tho cuz it aint naything complex its just about three girls who have to be sent to bordin school cuz of their eveil new stepmothers and they hate it so they make a gruop up called poison apples and they try for revenge pretty goood..i have a copy at home but u live in america so i cant really giev to ya:)

Alexander Stuart Cross p.s so u have nay REALYY good books that i cud read?:Lx

Alana Hmm, I can look through my good reads library and check. Hold on.

Alexander Stuart Cross thank u:) i really need summut to still waitn for if i die and my soul to steal:)and i think racheal vincent has finished her next book (before i wake) did u no there were a crush competion thing against tod and some other character from another book ...i was laughin all the way readn everyones comments...tod didnt win tho:'( but he got like more than 5000 votes :)check out her website look for VOTE TOD:)xxx

Alana Lol okay

Alana That was pretty interesting. Tod should have won against Zach! But I do think jace deserved to be the ultimate winner!

message 45: by Cait (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cait You're going to be pretty happy after reading this book if you're team Tod, Alana ;) just as a little hint hint hahah

Alana Oh my gosh, you've read it? Don't give me any spoilers! But you've read it?

Alana Btw! Yay!

message 48: by Cait (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cait Hahaha yeah I've read it and see reviews from other people. I'm also team Tod and this book made me very happy :)

Alana Where did you get it???

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