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Better Than 8 by Erin Jamison
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Jun 18, 2011

it was amazing
Read in June, 2011

Book Review:

Better Than 8: Fantasy is an exploration into sensuality, a sexual fantasy that explores the very human side of the character Amara and her emotional and physical needs.

Amara has been hurt, emotionally devastated by a man she thought loved her, as she loved him.

She feels used, her self esteem is at an all time low, her successful real estate business fill her hours and her lonely nights.

Author Erin Jameson touches on the relationships that Amara has with her girl buddies, the closeness and the shared laughter and trust they invest in each other will ring true for most of the readers. She has them, and they provide her with friendship and comic relief.

The woman are as different from each other as it’s possible to be. Like the real world, these characterizations are warmly etched, each of the women…Nikki, Charlie, Stacey and Nessa, bring something unique to their friendship.

When her dear friend Charlene aka Charlie…suggests that Amara join an online dating site with a difference, Amara is curious, although feeling more than a little foolish she joins. The site is of course the “Better Than 8” of the title, no prizes for guessing what the “Better Than 8” stands for! That’s right. Better Than 8 is for men to connect to women on the site who are unafraid to express their need for a well endowed male. Simple, not really. Amara doesn’t expect to connect to anyone. When she receives a response from a man known as Seva she anticipates no more than a casual flirtation online.

Over a period of months they communicate every day, often several times a day. They share laughter, likes, dislikes..their humor is compatible … all in all a lovely relationship that they both seem determined to continue.

Overnight, something changes. Amara stops receiving messages from Seva. Completely, nothing, not a word. He disappears from the site, and Amara feels like a total fool. She says nothing to her female friends, holding the hurt inside and determined to never again allow herself to be made a fool of.

Her thriving real estate business stands to make or lose a lot of money: everything hinges on Amara travelling to Puerto Rico and unraveling the complicated holdups on a large purchase being handled by her company.

Puerto Ricco…that is where Seva lives.

The businessman she meets up with invites her to an important meeting, Amara walks in and freezes as she comes face to face with the devastatingly attractive Seva himself.

What follows is a journey into sensuality. Beautifully written scenes of passion and exchange of highly charged emotions.

The arrival of Naldo on the scene the next morning could unhinge everything. Naldo is Seva’s housemate…but that’s not all he is.

I will not spoil the remainder of the book for you, let’s just say that some fantasy’s are well drawn and some are not. This one is done extremely well. Hot enough to make you smile.

If you enjoy erotic fantasy, and a fast paced, well written story then “Better Than 8: Fantasy” by Erin Jameson is a definite must read.
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