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Big Man Coming Down the Road by Brad Smith
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Mar 14, 2008

it was amazing
Read in November, 2007

Big Man Coming Down the Road
Brad Smith
Penguin Canada, 2007, 357 pps.
ISBN No. 978-0-14-305177-0

Crooked Pear Farm is where Everett Eastman died. He died shooting at snapping turtles that were disturbing his ducks. Everett was a multi-millionaire and had three children, none by the same mother. But Everett was running out of steam and spent his days watching the turtles and the ducks and having a few drinks.

Everett’s children Ben, Ethan and Kick were amazed at the reading of the will. Will Montgomery a neighboring farmer was named executor. Ben receives the thriving auto parts company that he oversees. Ethan is given ownership of a failing distillery. Kick, the independent sister, is given Great North, a small publishing company and sometimes music producer.

The will contains challenges that must be fulfilled before the children can really be in charge of the companies. Ben decides right away that he will somehow get control of all three companies. He proceeds to undermine his brother and his sister but Ben is also a playboy and it is a toss-up if he can come out on top.

Ethan is a dreamer but has a girl friend that is very intelligent and ready to step up and help Ethan take control of the distillery and make it grow.

Kick is only interested in making documentary films but since she is broke she is determined to make a go of the company she was been given. The big hang-up with that is that her father has made an agreement with a fading county western singer who is in debt up to his cowboy hat in delinquent income taxes. The agreement states that Jonah Peck, the singer, must make this record. Kick takes off for Nashville to make it happen and that isn’t going to be the easiest thing to do.

Johanna is the housekeeper that has helped raise the three children and take care of Everett. The will also gives Johanna the use of the farm for as long as she wants and funds to keep it running. Ben decides the farm should be his as well. He tries to talk Johanna into leaving the farm.

I loved the book and all the characters. I enjoyed Brad Smith’s previous books and this one is even better. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a real page turner.


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