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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
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Jun 17, 2011

it was amazing
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so many things in this book. And WTH is this about the cliff hangers.. I am thinking Cassandra is like another one of my fav authors wtih those
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11/03/2011 "I love Jace but sometimes that boy needs to shut his yap up.. off to silent city he goes..I still dont think him and clary are related"
11/04/2011 "these books are starting to p*ss me off.. I want answers.. I know that Jace and Clary can not be related and all these secrets ugh.."
11/04/2011 "OMG wow did not see that and ms seelie queen you are mean to make them kiss.. shame shame"
04/30/2013 marked as: currently-reading
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26.0% "up to chapter 7"
39.0% "Holy Crap Chap 8 was long...haha.. Up to chap 9"
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65.0% "up to chapt 15 will get caught up to chapt 16 today"
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Ronda eeee I love this book :)

Ronda ha ha he thinks he's something doesn't he, gotta love him for his ego!

Ronda I loved the visit to the seelie queen!!! there is a short novella from Jace's view ... :)

Shannon I dont have that I might have to see if I can find it thanks for the info

Ronda Look i my read list... it's in there you:)

Ronda Sorry... used phone... the word 'you' came in with my predictive text lol :)

Shannon Oh I see it but I need to find it so I can read it

Ronda It's in my 'read' list!... I read it not so long ago so it should be on the first few pages... you can press on the picture and go to the link :)

Ronda Lol... I went to recommend it to you but you have it already to read....'because it's bitter 2.2' :)

Ronda you added it on June 17th Lol :)

Shannon huh did not even know that I get lost even in my own books

Ronda ha ha I checked my books out then thought, doh, just recommend it to you... when I tried it said you had it so I checked your books... we have the whole site here and we still get lost ha ha :)

Shannon i am almost done with this book but I have to clean my house and then I will read some more hoping to finish the last two books this week and start the Clockwork Angel book... I only work once at my night job this week so I should have plenty of time to read:)

Misty Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Misty If your Read Clockwork angel between bk 3 and 4(the order they were released. ) of mortal instruments things fall together in city of fallen angels alittle better. but you don't have to read them that way

Ronda Can't wait for you to read the next book... that's my favourite... Im taking a well earned rest...KMM has me reeling at the a good way... so Im reading a couple of books that should be lighter lol... then Im thinking of Richelle!!

Ronda hmmm... I didn't see the connection the way you say you read the books Misty, but I read them a while ago and only recently read Clockwork Angel. I loved the series but I really need to give them another read over to try and connect the books... I just seen the Infernal Devices as in the past and the Instruments and a follow on... hmmmm definately definately need to re-read.... :D (I don't mind re-reading this series, it was fantastic regardless) :)

Misty There are names that come up in city of fallen angels which are in clockwork angel. Give you the family tree sort of thing. There fine by them selves. But they are connected together.

Shannon ok great.. I am so excited to read those books:) I am still kicking myself that I have not read these before now

Ronda The books are great Shannon, and yeah the family tree is there in the Infernal Devices, I recognised names from the Mortal Instruments.... fantastic!!! You will enjoy them Shannon :D for sure!

Misty Yes you will love them.... There great I reread them when city of fallen angels came out and after there all out I will read them again and probably more than once.

message 22: by Julia (new) - added it

Julia Which set should I read first?

Ronda I read the Mortal Instruments first then moved onto the Infernal Devices Julia.... The Devices are a prequal to the Instruments and although I've said above that I didn't see a connection, I did mean in the storyline, I do get the 'family tree' bit that Misty mentions, I recognise names and I tried to place them in the future, but the storylines are great regardless.

Ronda these were so cute weren't they :)

Shannon yes they were..

Ronda I will catch up with my chapters tomorrow... I will have to read 3 :)

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