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Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
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Jun 17, 2011

it was amazing
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Read on June 17, 2011

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The boy from How To Catch a Star is back in Oliver Jeffers' second book, Lost and Found. The boy discovers a penguin at his door one day. The penguin follows him around looking sad. Deciding that he must be lost, the boy endeavors to help the him find his way home. He asked at the lost and found office, he asked some birds, he even asked his rubber duck - nobody seemed to know where the penguin belonged.

Finally the boy discovers that penguins come from the South Pole. The next challenge was getting there. Eventually the boy and the penguin build a row boat and row for many days and nights. After floating through seas filled with varying degrees of calm and danger the finally arrive at the South Pole.

"The boy was delighted, but the penguin said nothing. Suddenly it looked sad again as the boy helped it out of the boat."

As the boy rows home he feels strange to be alone again. He eventually realizes that he made a big mistake - the penguin had not been lost, it had been lonely. He begins to row back as quickly as possible, unfortunately missing that the penguin had chased after him using an umbrella as a boat. Once back at the South Pole the boy looks everywhere but cannot find his friend. He sadly sets off for home once more. Ahead of him he sees something in the water and is reunited with his friend.

"And so the boy and his friend went home together, talking of wonderful things all the way."

My love for Oliver Jeffers' books and illustrations cannot be verbalized, but I will try. The story is simple, sweet, and even my 4 year olds become emotionally invested in the book. The illustrations are spare and humorous but use beautiful colors and a water color technique that gives depth and movement to each painting. I love the expressiveness of the characters, the ridiculousness of the boy's stick legs holding up a solid body, the wonderful lollipop trees that have square shapes overlaid, and the fantastically pudgy penguin! Oh, how I love the penguin.

I LOVE THIS BOOK and everybody would have a copy. Well, if you like picture books or have kids, then you should have a copy. The watercolor illustrations and story are lovely and the penguin is so cute readers lose the power of speech and can only make squeaking sounds. (When I say "readers" I mean me and most of my first graders.) I give it 6 stars because I think is fantastic!

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