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Delivered from Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell
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Jun 17, 2011

Read from June 17 to 24, 2011

Useful enough. Mercifully short chapters (deliberate, of course), many topics.

The usual standard American style attitude of "Everbody is a Snowflake. Have a Trophy" was a bit irritating, but eh what can you say? Also a bit over the top is gushing about how special and gifted ADHD people are. Yes, I think the positive message about ADHD (that it can be as much a blessing as a curse) and the attitude of unleashing our potential rather than just fixing problems is essentially the right one. But gawd... enough already!

I also wasn't particularly thrilled about the sketchy infomercially bits in which Dr. Hallowell endorses non (or at least not yet) scientifically validated stuff such as Brain Gym, the Dore method (now my son loves reading!), Reliv+, Juice Power. To be fair, Hallowell does present these in terms of "these have worked for me, personally" rather "you should take them". He also acknowledges the lack of validation and recommendations by eg the Dsylexic community to stick to the things that actually have non-anecdotal evidence behind them.

(I may be generally hostile to this sort of thing, but am not entirely unsympathetic to people who want to try the stuff above BTW; after all, life is not a double-blind trial and if you have the desperation of a parent or a loser, it's understandable that you'd be interested in pursuing anything that has a chance of working)

Hallowell does also emphasise a lot of the boring stuff like good nutrition and making sure you get exercise. The tour of medications was useful. Also good was the toning down of the message of Hope from Driven to Distraction, cautionary tales of spinning and sliding after an initial burst of progress.

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