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If I Die by Rachel Vincent
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Sep 30, 2011

really liked it

OOOOOOHHH!! Maybe author gave in to requests of the masses, maybe she planned this outcome all along, whatever the way, I thank her for giving me what I hoped would happen so much and didn't dare to believe that it could, I thank her for breaking this pattern of YA authors, which is that the first boy a heroine meets is "the one".
I thank her also for explaining Nash's character better to me, I didn't understand him, I didn't relate to him before, he seemed like a cartoon - drawn character, that you don't really believe in, that always feel fictional and put in only because of some function. However unpopular the opinion is, this book in the series made me like Nash better, and not because that I felt he was so mistreated or smth, not even close. His emotions, actions, reactions - I finally managed to find some parallels in real life people, in people I know. In that way Nash and his personality became more realistic to me, more real. And thus evoked emotions in me. Even though, I didn't approve of the decisions he made, maybe I didn't like his way of thinking or reacting, but I believed him and cared for him. So thank you, Ms. Rachel, for that.
An ending was a little bit rushed, that was to be expected (doesn't mean I have to like it), author left enough problems and questions (and intriguing enough) unanswered to keep me wanting for more. Also I liked the promise of the future adventures from characters I love.
Though I must admit, after re-reading it I found that her writing style is quite lacking. Her transitions seems rough, her dialogues not carried out in the cleanest fashion, her plot twists has some technical mistakes in them (like when Kaylee was attacked by incubus she tried to search for her phone, but she couldn't find it, and after the fight, when she was dying she somehow managed to produce it out of her pocket, etc.). So in that sense this book seems to have been rushed and the lack of editorial work is very disappointing.
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