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The Unprocessed Child by Valerie Fitzenreiter
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Mar 14, 2008

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bookshelves: non-fiction, education-homeschool, parenting
Read in October, 2007

An intriguing story of how one mom views unschooling. Pretty extreme. Interesting to read, though full of claims that I really wanted to ask her to expand on, especially after she hears my brilliant rebuttals. ;)

I definitely agree that kids can learn without being directed and imposed upon. I don't necessarily believe you have to be as "hands-off" as she advocates, and I don't think there's anything wrong with, say, giving your child the information ahead of time that if he rips up his books, he won't be able to read them later (rather than just "letting him" figure it out on his own), OR with prohibiting said ripping.

Kindly, of course, and allowing for the need to be fulfilled in other ways (ripping old magazines or whatever).

I do think you can go too far if you have so many prohibitions that you're constantly interrupting your child's activities and redirecting her play.

But kids can handle the fact that the world has limits--and some of them are going to come from loving parents intervening before the world's consequence would naturally occur.

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