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Moon Spell by Samantha Young
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Jun 16, 2011

really liked it

Caia is a 17 year old lycan who was separated from her pack and protected by spells after the Midnight coven killed her parents. After 10 years, she and her protector are brought back into the pack and she has to adjust to being in a group, pack politics, handsome male lycans, secrets and betrayals.

The action was non-stop in the book.

What I liked:
1. The characters were interesting; flawed and 'human' despite being wolf
2. You didn't have to wait till the end for all secrets to be revealed. Instead, they were revealed 2/3 through so you got to see the impact and aftermath of the secrets.
3. Loved Lucien
4. Not every thing was perfect and happily ever after. There is true heartbreak and tragedy.
5. Caia's true emotion and no holds barred approach to defending herself

What I didn't:
1. The spelling and grammatical errors.
2. Overuse of the word 'whilst'
3. How quickly Caia tamed her magic
4. Caia's self destructive behavior with her relationship with Lucien

Looking forward to Part Two. It looks as if it'll focus on Jae, but hopefully some of the Caia/Lucien web will untangle for a little happiness for both of them.

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message 1: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Young Hey Jenna,

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, and I appreciate your honest and fair review. Just to pick up the spelling and grammatical errors, though... trying to make sure I catch all the errors... I am from the UK, so the book is UK English and I know some people have confused this for errors. However, if there are errors I'm not aware of, please let me know? I've edited and edited it but you never know what you can miss, so I'll sort it. I don't want errors to spoil the readers enjoyment. Appreciate it :-)

message 2: by Jenna (new) - added it

Jenna Hi Samantha,

I picked up books 2 and 3 on Kindle and am looking forward to reading those soon!

I'll see if I can find the location of the misspellings I noted, but one was the word 'taught' when I think you meant 'taut' since it was referring to muscles? It was near the beginning of the book when Caia is talking about Lucien after meeting him after so many years.

There weren't a ton though and it didn't hinder the enjoyment of the book at all.

Good luck with your writing! Hope to see more series/trilogies coming out.


message 3: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Young Thanks so much, Jenna. I'll go in and change that, really appreciate it :-D
Hope you enjoy book 2 and 3.


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