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A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan
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Mar 13, 2008

really liked it
Recommended for: Freaks
Read in January, 2007

Cirque Du Freak #1: A Living Nightmare
Darren Shan
183 Pages
HaperCollins Publishers
UK £4.99
ISBN: 0-00-675416-3
A Living Nightmare will bring a chilling sensation right after you read the book told by the gruesome-styled author Darren Shan who is also the protagonist of the story. This book one of the series does not only demonstrate the ordinary school boy with a normal life but extended beyond to vampirism and his break of friendship by misunderstandings. The protagonists and the antagonists of this book really stoned the moments that reveals the bonds and connections in a certain degree. As simple as an invitation ticket can lead to the extraordinary problems in which the characters must sustain and cope upon. It may deal with blood but its well worth it. As Darren stated, “If I ever get the chance to betray you, I will. If the opportunity arises to pay you back, I’ll take it. You’ll never be able to trust me.” The addictive and tingling page-turner will take fear to the next level for readers.
Darren Shan, known as the protagonist of the story, started off having a normal life with friends, family, and school. As the story goes on the Cirque Du Freak, known as Circus of Freaks, came to town. They were not ordinary people, matter of fact they may not even be humane. When Darren and his friends discovered the ticket to enter, with a price, they must figure out who will go. At night you are greeted by freaks who will entice you to enter but also scare your brains out. A vampire by the name of Mr. Crepsley will impact both Darren and Steve’s lives. Just know that in the vampire hood you are no longer ordinary…and BLOOD is what you must deal with.
The horror forged within this book will tell you a story long to remember and fear. I enjoy how this book displays the smooth approach into the story which is very addictive yet scary. I always luxuriate the author’s writing style with revolving themes and the format because it always tells the reader that “you got to read on or you will miss the adventure!” You may think that horror may not be your type of genre but there’s always this sweet yet deadly flavor that will enhance the thoughts you’ve stirred when reading. I truly recommend this momentum book for horror freaks and whoever that feels curious. And remember to enjoy the fascinating front cover illustration!
The author Darren Shan does not only write a book. He does not only create a story that reveals a story behind it. There’s always this connection between the title, story, and illustration. In his amazing and compelling story he brings the show ALIVE! Darren will face the unimaginable. Blood, vampire, freaks, and even a taste of death!

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message 1: by Eric (new)

Eric i liked how you describe the book but you didnt give too much away for the reader. i personally like horror books bedcause they are very exciting and descriptive, especially when the monsters kill the people. i like the choice of quote you picked, it really help draw the readers attention. overall great work.

message 2: by Josephine (last edited Mar 28, 2008 04:18PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Josephine I really like your review because it flows well. It made me want to read this book because you gave a catchy body paragraph of what the protagonist have to face with. I personally like scary books because they are very fun to read. Scary books always make the readers wonder what will happen next and I would read it. This book reminds me of the Goosebumps series because it involves violence and you can make a lot of predictions.
Good job.

message 3: by Ives (new)

Ives Haha. Manshui, I must say, your quote really grabbed my attention. I still remember back when I was young, how I was fascinated by vampires, and how I wished I were like one - but I guess this book took my childhood dreams to a whole new level. I liked how you described the book as of being very horrifying, and amusing. I think I know what to look for now, when I'm in the mood for some horror in my life! Great job!

message 4: by Sammy (last edited Mar 26, 2008 08:34AM) (new)

Sammy I really like your review. It explains a lot about the book and i liked how you explained that it has a lot of blood, but its worth it. Also your quote is such a hook to me. I want to read the book now. I liked how you explained the author also. I WANT TO READ IT! BUY IT FOR ME!

message 5: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Yang I liked how you used many adjectives telling us what type of book it is. Every time I think of horror books, it reminds me of R.L Stine books. You should read them too, they're really good. I think I might read this book, but it does sound really scary.

message 6: by Qian (new)

Qian I never read horror books because of some personal reasons that I really can't take those book, but your book review definitly sound very interesting and I could see that why so many people are fascinated by it.
You have used a lot of descriptive words to give a brief summarize of the book which really grabs a reader's attention, especially the quote really lighten up the whole book review and I was surprise at how smoothly it fitted into the review. Overall, this book review is really amazing!!!

Cliona Kelly He is my all time favourite author and his books are brilliant!!!
When you finish this book I recommend that you read the rest of his book series as they are as good as this and he has recently published a new vampire book series that goes through Mr.Crepslys life time before he met Darren Shan...

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