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Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick
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Jun 15, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: urban-fantasy, fantasy
Read in June, 2011

Disclaimer:- I swore when I signed up to this site I would be very tight with my 5 star ratings. Surely to get a perfect score the book has to be perfect, and seeing as that is impossible a 5 star rating should never be given. That said I just couldn't bring myself to give this a 4.

Among Thieves follows Drothe, a sardonic and intelligent nose, on what starts out as a simple job that goes rather wrong rather fast.

Among Thieves is written in the first person, this can be a risky move. When done well (see Eisenhorn (Eisenhorn Omnibus)) books written in the first person are compelling and damn hard to put down. When done badly books written in the first person are almost unreadable.

A book written in the first person lives and dies by its lead, they fall into two categories: Leads that are just close enough to a blank slate to allow the reader to project into them, a good example of this is Bella from the Twilight saga. The second category is leads that are so likeable we don't project ourselves into their place, we want to listen to their story, they are superbly characterised well written and rounded people. Drothe falls firmly into the second category.

Drothe is cool, there's no two ways about it. He is funny in a dry, witty Jack Dee way and most importantly, despite how farfetched the plot gets, he remains believable. In an age where the lead in an action book/film/programme/zoetrope has to be a superman it's refreshing to see a character struggle at times. Drothe is not untouchable once he draws his rapier, he gets through most of his fights by luck and relying on his infinitely more skilled companion Bronze Degan. It works, why would a thief and a nose, who does his job by staying out of trouble, be an expert swordsman?

So, we've established that the lead is cool, what about the story? You'll be pleased to hear that the story is also great. It flows well from the first act where we see what Drothe's life is like, to the second act where everything goes wrong, to the third act where he pulls it all together. At no point do you stop to think 'hey wait, how or why did that happen?'

The word in which the story takes place is also well written and very filled out with minimal expositional information dumps. There is one in the third act when Drothe meets one of the big players and they talk about the empire and the emperor, but it fits, because not only is it bringing us up to speed, but it is bringing Drothe up to speed as well.

The supporting players are brilliantly written as well, from the small time characters like Fowler to the bigger, more important people like Degan and Christiana. They are more than vehicles to drive the plot, they are people.

So, is this book worth your time and money? Yes. Yes it is. Simple as.
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Aaron Good review, and it's good to see someone who respects the 5 star rating and doesn't hand it out like candy.

Liezl Great review, you convinced me to buy the book. I agree with the 5star thing...:D

message 3: by Rob (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rob Nice review, I totally agree and your character comments are spot on! This is a highly enjoyable read!

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