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The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven by Kevin Malarkey
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Jun 14, 2011

really liked it
Read in April, 2011

This is the third book that I have read that falls into the genre of stories by people who claim to have gone to heaven and come back to tell about it.

The first book in this genre that I read was 90 Minutes in Heaven, the second, Heaven Is Real, and now this book.
This book tells the story of Alex, who was 6 years old when he was in a horrific car accident with his father, who was driving. Alex's head was severed from his spinal cord and he was not expected to live. However, many people prayed for him, and he did live. One thing about his experience that is similar to that of Don Piper who wrote the book 90 Minutes in Heaven is that both of them had people who prayed for them at the scene of the accident.

Alex has told others that he went to heaven and spent time with "God and angels and that angels are often with him. There are examples of some of those times given in the book of some of those times and a picture of a painting that a woman painted that shows Alex with angels surrounding the head of his bed.

He also has said that there are times when Satan or demons attack him. I thought that was interesting. He said that when demons are around, they accuse him of things, make him feel doubt and sadness and that he feels like he would never be healed and that God won't protect him. However, he has learned to pray in Jesus name to make the demons leave.

I find that very interesting. Are doubt, insecurity and unappiness and sorrow always indicators of the presence of demons? Can we pray them away? When we pray to Jesus we are brought into His presence and enjoy Him and have His peace. But not always right away. Why is that? This book, and Heaven is Real, both indicate that the children saw the spiritual warfare that is going on. I really am not sure what to think about all of that. It is something that is just not in my realm of experience. I think I probably prefer it that way.

All three of the people in these books who claim to have been to heaven, want to go back. They do not fear death. I like their descriptions of heaven. Alex describes heaven as not the "next" world, but existing now and not in the sky, but being both everywhere and nowhere. All 3 people describe heaven as being indescribably wonderful. And they don't describe it like the Christian religion often portrays it with mansions and golf courses and other such nonsense. Alex claims to visit heaven in his sleep and that he prays unceasingly.

Interestingly, I have always thought the whole heaven and hell concept was a lot of malarkey .
The more I read about people's expereinces of it, the more I wonder though. I have experienced God. I know that He is real. I believe that angels do exist and watch over us because I have seen things happen to my children that were such near misses that it really seems that an angel stepped in and moved them so that they were not hurt. I like Alex's message that God is always with us and that we need Jesus in our hearts.
I like his vision of heaven and that he does not give too many details.

There are still many issues I have with the Christian concept of heaven - the main one being that if the Christian concept is correct, then my Jewish parents and all of my family, being Jewish, are not there. I don't think that seems fair or just.

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello Dana,

I happen to be of the Christian faith and I belive that so many denominations of the christian faith have taken God and his word and made it to be what they want it to be and because of that so many things can be misconstrued within the christian faith. I am of Apostolic denomination in the Christian faith which just means we go by the word of God which is in his Holy Bible and any concept of heaven should come from his word as well and for someone to believe that the Jewish people who are Gods chosen people have no right to the kingdom of heaven is obviously not going by his word. The word of God says " No man shall enter the kingdom of heaven unless he be born of water and spirit" He also says whoever believeth in him SHALL be saved. If you must be saved to enter the kingdom and you are born again and except Jesus Christ then you have nothing to worry about as there is no denomination or person that can change the word of God. Don't let a foolish concept of heaven that is not backed up by Gods word deter you from a true exceptance of the Lord our God and heaven <3 Hope I helped shed a little light <3 God Bless You <3

Dana thank you Kiera

Dana Interestingly, now the boy featured in the book claims that it is not true. http://pulpitandpen.org/2015/01/13/th...

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