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Entwined by Heather Dixon
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Jun 14, 2011

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bookshelves: fantasy, gorgeous-cover, magic, romance, dance
Read from June 19 to 24, 2012


Well, this was certainly an interesting book. I enjoyed it more than my rating probably implies. I actually really did like this book. It was definitely enjoyable and had a wide variety of very different characters. I love dance, and naturally stories about dance appeal to me. love the twelve dancing princesses fairytale, and this retelling was really good. It was definitely a unique take, and I load that.

Actually, I did not like Azalea. She was really annoying and self-centered and pretty much the perfect example of a spoiled brat. She was really irritating and I did not like her at all. In fact, I kind of wanted to slap her. I really dislike her and while I love the way she takes care of her sisters, she is very often blinded by her own desires. She doesn't always pay attention to what others are trying to tell her when she is unwilling to listen.

Well, two of them
I really liked Bramble, actually. Girl has an attitude! I love how she's not afraid to say what she thinks and speak her mind. Still, she's still a dancer, just not an irritating one like Azalea.
I liked Clover a lot, too. She's like the polar opposite of Bramble and reminds me of myself when I was younger. She's quiet but sweet. I love way she sort of becomes alive and more brae about halfway through the novel.

Actually, Bradford was incredibly boring. There was nothing even vaguely interesting about him at all. I was so bored of him, even only after just a few pages. He's just so…boring. There's nothing special about him that I can see, and there's nothing I can really see to like about him.
I adored Lord Teddie. For one thin, he has the same name and nickname as my boyfriend, even if he spells it differently (but come on, who spells "Teddy" with an "ie" anyway?), so that gives him points in my book. Also, he has the most amazing bubbly personality. He's also really sweet in his own way.
I liked Fairweller a lot, too. He's quiet and sober in his own way, but not in a boring way. Instead, it's a part of who he is and it's rather admirable. I really like the way he treats the princesses, even when they're misbehaving and really don't deserve it.

Actaully, I think the king really tried to be a good father. Although being blinded by grief is no excuse to ignore his daughters, it is actually kind of understandable. Near the end of the book, though, he really does something that raises him in my eyes.

I liked the plot of this. It sticks to the basics of the twelve dancing princesses while still being its own original fairytale.

It's original. The fairytale concept is still there, but Heather puts her own twist on it and really makes it something special. I absolutely adored the plot and thought it made for a fantastic story.

What was lacking in the characters was more than made up for in the plot and I really enjoyed it.

The tale is told beautifully, one thing weaving effortlessly into the next. A little bit of unnecessary event, but all in all satisfying. The plot had a good standing and was well supported.

I love the romance in this book, actually. Sure, it moves a little too quickly for my taste, and often borders on instalove. Still, it's actually really sweet and in fairytale-type stories, I'm more lax on instalove and such. I really enjoy reading about the couples, even if they're a little predictable. So what? It'ssuper cute and super cute romance is my favorite! It's really adorable to read about.

Actaully, I went back and forth on Heather's writing. On one hand, I kind of liked it. On the other, the way she writes Azalea's thoughts turns her into a total brat. Which is sad. I mean, sometimes her writing is beautiful and flowy and so descriptive. And then sometimes, she says things like this:
She stared at his offensively green bow tie.
Like, what? I mean, what? This is just so random and dumb and really makes no sense. Which is a shame, although I do admit that her writing isn't awful. It just needs time.

The ending was pretty predictable and a little cliché, but I still really liked it! It was the perfect ending. I do wish it had been a little less predictable, but it definitely could have been worse. I think that all in all, it wrapped the book up pretty as a present and I did enjoy seeing that. Everyone gets their own happy ending and things turn out beautifully for everyone involved!

This book was incredible. Despite what my rating may dictate, I actually really loved this book. I would definitely recommend it and I'd happily go back and read it again. It wasn't my favorite book of all time, but I still adored it. I think that other people would too! Overall, for all its faults, it was a wonderful book.


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