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Jun 13, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: young-adult, skimmed-or-unfinished, pn-angels, male-ya-author, male-pov, dnf

Annnd I'm done at 6%. Aside from a whole mess of writing issues, I expect to be a little more immersed in the characters and the story in a YA novel before I have to listen to an anecdote about a girl going down on a guy just because he bought her dinner at a fancy restaurant.
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06/27/2011 page 5
1.0% "Why present tense, authors? Whhyyy?" 8 comments

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Umm...eww. And now I'm regretting requesting this from Netgalley.

The Holy Terror I hope she at least got dessert. You have to have some standards. Jeez.

message 3: by Dinjolina (new)

Dinjolina She goes down on him...for...what the hell were you reading? :/

message 4: by Dinjolina (new)

Dinjolina Was this not supposed to be a YA book?

Wendy Darling Eww is right. I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but really--22 pages in? Before I even have any clue what this story is about? No thanks.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Dinjolina wrote: "Was this not supposed to be a YA book?"

HON's is also a YA series but right off the bat in the first novel you hear about Aphrodite going down on Erik.

The Holy Terror HON?

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

The Holy Terror wrote: "HON?"

House of Night.

The Holy Terror Man, the reviews for this one are all over the place. Inappropriate BJs aside, if my library gets this in, I think I'll check it out.

message 10: by Dinjolina (new)

Dinjolina Mocha ღ wrote: "The Holy Terror wrote: "HON?"

House of Night."

Well...I had no idea. Because a)I never read that :) and b) I must have been reading all those chaste YA novels. The silly thing is they make me crazy! But then again, going all sex crazed on me when talking about 15-16 year old kids, i think...i think...where do I lock my baby sister and brother? Where do I lock them???

The Holy Terror Mocha ღ wrote: "The Holy Terror wrote: "HON?"

House of Night."

Ah, ok. Maybe because I'm older and I don't have any teenagers in my life, or kids for that matter, sex in ya doesn't upset me as much as other people. My brain isn't going to get warped by it, anyway, lol.

But fwiw, kids were getting suspended at my high school for giving BJs in the bathrooms. And this was 10 years ago, so it doesn't surprise me when I read about this kind of stuff. And I didn't even go to a "bad" school. Horny stupid teenagers will be horny stupid teenagers, pretty much everywhere you go.

I'm mostly intrigued by this being written by a man, that alone makes me want to at least give it a chance. Not a monetary one, no, but I'll give it a few hours of my time.

message 12: by Dinjolina (new)

Dinjolina A Holy terror-you say 10 years ago and I say 5 years ago also...but in these YA books like HON the thing that buggs me is the partner switching. We have like...10 characters. And they have relationships among themselves trough xxxxx books. I get this strange urge to giggle when I realize that after a while they like..all interchanged spit and other (more...blow job-ish) fluids. :/ And they NEVER meet anybody new.

The Holy Terror Hmm. I think that's probably sticking to the tried and true clique mentality. And at the schools I went to, you stuck with the same group of friends from kindergarten to senior year, maybe with a few people leaving and being added here and there. So it doesn't seem TOO strange to me to have the same 10 people stick together for the entirety of a series. Is it completely believable? No, not really. But it's not entirely improbable.

message 14: by Wendy Darling (last edited Jun 27, 2011 08:41PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Wendy Darling I don't really care if kids have full out sex in young adult books, just as long as it's not indiscriminately and as long as I have some idea if there's anything else to the story. I would prefer to have some emotion and responsibility attached to the act when it comes to kids, too, but hey. Who knows what authors are thinking. It apparently works for the House of Night series (which I despise).

I'm impressed you made it all the way through, Paige. I had a ton of problems with the writing as well, so it wasn't just the icky thing alone.

PS--there are much better male YA authors out there, HT. I'd download a sample chapter to try once it's available, you'll have a pretty good sense of whether it's worth your time.

message 15: by Dinjolina (new)

Dinjolina Wendy Darling wrote: "I don't really care if kids have full out sex in young adult books, just as long as it's not indiscriminately and as long as I have some idea if there's anything else to the story. I would prefer t..."

All in all.I guess this should not go on my tbr list,right? (yes,I am that smart!) :)

P.S.@Holly-yeah,cliques. We had friends in them. But dating? All the time? Only in them? Really not. Bot then again, I do not live in America. :/
@Wendy-yes,you are so right! Most of these authors act like the teenagers need to grow a heart in the later years. I remember being 16 and to be frank..not so fickle. Silly, and stuff? Yes. But this? Now. Again, maybe the authors just like to pick a certain type of a character.

The Holy Terror Wendy Darling wrote: "PS--there are much better male YA authors out there, HT."

Any examples? I haven't seen many. From the pnr genre, that is.

I actually don't read ebooks ... but I'm perfectly fine with sampling from the library.

The Holy Terror Dinjolina wrote: "P.S.@Holly-yeah,cliques. We had friends in them. But dating? All the time? Only in them? Really not. Bot then again, I do not live in America. :/"

To a point, yes, my friends liked to date within the group. I, personally, just had a LOT of male friends. I'm not presuming to speak for all Americans though, but this is just what I was exposed to.

message 18: by Wendy Darling (last edited Jun 27, 2011 10:56PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Wendy Darling Um, no Dinjolina, I do not recommend this one or the House of Night series. I don't necessarily feel as though all YA needs to teach a lesson or be clean of less desirable behavior, but when the books don't have other redeeming qualities, I don't have any interest in reading them. Paige and I both just read Fury, which has similar issues.

My favorite male YA author is Philip Pullman, HT. More recently, I've also liked some stuff I've read by Scott Westerfeld, Michael Ford, and Cliff McNish. I added a shelf for male ya authors just now, too.

Wendy Darling Hah. Already much wittier than the little I read in the book, Lux.

message 20: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza Oh I read about 5 pages. What's up with these recent books man.

Wendy Darling Right? The writing is terrible. I would normally read much more of a book before giving up or leaving a rating, but there were so many problems that I am pretty certain that I'd feel the same way even if I had read another 100 pages.

Aleeeeeza thissucksthissucksthissucks

Wendy Darling Have you tried reading this yet, Aleeza? Or are you just lamenting disappointing books in general?

message 24: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza Seriously. I was so happy when I found Hourglass was readable. And then I realized books are SUPPOSED to be readable. :\

Wendy Darling Sometimes I wonder, Nafiza. *sigh* But then I look at books like Unearthly and they make me so freaking happy. That's the way to do young adult PNR that isn't shallow, manipulative, and uninspired.

message 26: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza Have you read Chime yet? I haven't heard much about it but what I have heard is pretty awesome.

Wendy Darling No, I haven't! I've been curious about that one, but my friends' reviews are all over the place, so I've been waiting to see if more reactions come in. People seem to love it or hate it.

message 28: by Nafiza (new) - added it

Nafiza I have it on my to read pile but I'm still reading my library books. One of these days.

Aleeeeeza Wendy Darling wrote: "Have you tried reading this yet, Aleeza? Or are you just lamenting disappointing books in general?"

lamenting the fact that this one didn't live up to the hype. i hope i still like it, though.

message 30: by Sue (new)

Sue Tint YIKES!

message 31: by Ginny (new)

Ginny Hmmm...that is after only 6%? wow. This just came in the ARC box for the library....I should probably tell the librarian she may want to spend $ on a different book instead lol

message 32: by Ginny (new)

Ginny I had such a hard time with Chime. I wanted to like it more than I did :(

message 33: by Wendy Darling (last edited Jun 28, 2011 11:26AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Wendy Darling Um yes, I was not a fan of this one, Sue. Ginny, just have your librarian read the first couple of chapters...that should probably do it.

Cillian, I saw your glowing review of Chime! But then I've also seen Ginny's less enthused one, so I've been conflicted. The concept sounds really cool though, so I will definitely be checking it out.

Paige...I'm not sure anything can really make up for Halo.

Wendy Darling I'm the same way, Paige...I have to space out review books in particular (which are iffier) with pleasure reads, otherwise I just wouldn't have the will to go on. Look forward to your Chime review!

Have you read Wildefire, by the way? I'm curious what you would think of it. I was really turned off by that one too, though for different reasons.

message 35: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca I've never heard of Amulet Publishing but, if this is the kind of book they put out, I'll be avoiding their label. I've bumped into a couple of these recently -- a YA novel that features graphic sex and swearing worthy of a late night comedian on HBO.

Hello! Do these people even know what YA is?

Wendy Darling Amulet is a division of Abrams...they're a great publisher, so I wouldn't write them off because of this one book. Sometimes going by pubs is a good indicator (I know I do), but even the reliable ones have head-scratchers from time to time.

I am definitely frustrated by YA books that try to attract teenagers with sex, drugs, etc without having good writing and good story to back them up, though.

Ashelynn there's a reason why she went down on him, and she could be labelled "slutty" in this book. (SPOILER) it's because she was sexually abused by her cousin. it reveals it in the climax of the book.

Wendy Darling I'm sure there could be a lot of reasons for promiscuity, but I wasn't invested enough in the story or the characters or the writing by that point to care to find out if this character had any. It looks like you read this book and liked it, so I'm glad you had a better experience than I did.

The Holy Terror Ashelynn, if you want to post a spoiler without actually spoiling other people, put your text between these two tags like this: <?spoiler>spoilerish stuff goes here<?/spoiler> and just remove the question marks so it ends up looking like this: (view spoiler)

Wendy Darling Hah, this book is definitely not one for you, Cillian. I am, however, now paranoid about these things and just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Ashelynn The Holy Terror, thank you! I didn't know how to do that, but I've seen a lot of people (mostly Wendy) do it. Now I know! Yay. THANK YOU.

Tahlia Newland have you got the right book? I don't remember that bit!

Book Chatter-Cath I thought the exact same thing and was ready to throw it in the DNF pile.....however I keep on and much to my surprise it turned out to be a great little story. Maybe skip the first chapter and give it another go!!!

Wendy Darling Book Chatter-Cath, I'm glad you enjoyed this better than I did. I did skim through a bit more of it, but I'm afraid I wasn't engaged by the writing style...and one of my friends who finished it whose views I tend to trust said it wasn't worth the read.

Tahlia, as noted in the paragraph, the blowjob for a fancy dinner remark is at around the 6% mark in the ebook. It was made by the main character's friend.

Rhiannon Thank goodness I'm not the only one who didn't like the book. I got to page 15 and stopped reading it. I never stop reading a book unless of time frame with other things. But this book I couldn't stand by page 15.

Wendy Darling I'll echo your thoughts and say I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way too, Rhiannon! I can keep going sometimes if I'm iffy on a book, but when I have such strongly negative feelings about the writing and the characters, it's a lot more difficult.

The Holy Terror I've got this one on hold at the library, whenever they get it in. It's probably going to suck, but I'm too curious not to check it out.

message 48: by The Holy Terror (last edited Sep 06, 2011 10:28PM) (new) - added it

The Holy Terror Tahlia wrote: "have you got the right book? I don't remember that bit!"

I can confirm she does have the right book. Page 25, Britt says she went down on a football player after he takes her to a fancy restaurant.

Eh. It doesn't really bother me though, she's just the friend, not the main character, so I'll let the sluttiness slide.

Plus, there are bigger problems with this book. I think this might be another Firelight review for me - I'm keeping notes.

Wendy Darling Someday I'm going to cure you of this tendency to read books that annoy me, THT. Someday.

The Holy Terror Eh, don't worry about it too much. This is really the only instance where you directly influenced my choice of reading material.

And if I can save just one person from reading a crappy book, it's worth it.

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