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Cowboys Like Us by Vicki Lewis Thompson
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Expected Release Date: Available Now!
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: Blaze
Author’s Website:
My Source for This Book: Netgalley
Part of a Series: Yes, Sons of Chance Miniseries
Series Best Read In Order: No
Steam Level: Hot

This is actually two books in one — Cowboys Like Us followed by the full-length story, Notorious.

The main book, Cowboys Like Us, follows Logan Carswell, who is a self-proclaimed “washed up baseball star”, after sustaining a serious knee injury during a game. Unable to play any longer, he finds himself adrift, with his girlfriend having left him now that he’s no longer a pro-ball “star”, his big-league friends rarely returning his phone calls, and the only career path available seeming to be sportscasting, which is something he simply can’t see himself doing.

Leaving Chicago behind for a few days to attend a friend’s wedding, Logan can’t even relax in the manner to which he’s become accustomed — the prescription painkillers that allowed him to dance at the reception can’t be mixed with alcohol, and being in a small town prevents him from hooking up with even the most willing of women, because he can’t bring himself to leave a woman behind to face the small-town judgement that would result in her having had a weekend fling with him.

However, his plans to behave are obliterated when he meets Caro Davis, the wholesome yet sexy bartender who has forgotten how to relax since her grandmother has moved to an assisted living community. With her grandmother and her job literally taking all of her time, she hasn’t had time for men, but when it becomes clear that the incredibly hot Logan Carswell is interested, well, all bets are off.

While Caro’s belief that she wouldn’t be subject to pity after Logan left annoyed me, I found her determination to engage in an affair and let the rest of the town go hang was a bit refreshing. I also loved that Logan was a gentleman from the start, even though he intended for their time together to be a simple fling.

I think the fact that this was actually two books in one threw me off, and made me feel as though the ending were rushed, even though it really wasn’t. I still had so many pages left before the end of the book that when the resolution and even epilogue presented itself, I was taken a bit by surprise.

Overall, this was definitely hot little read, perfect for summertime.
3/5 Stars

Keywords: Affair Turns To Love, Bartender, Contemporary, Harlequin Blaze, Professional Athlete, Secret Affair, Small Town, Steam Level: Hot, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Western Romance.

[b]BONUS STORY — Notorious[/b]

Part of a Series: No
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Hot

Feeling stuck in her small hometown, and suffering from an unrequited crush on the sexy Noah Garfield, nineteen year old Keely Branscom shocked the town (and her family) by posing nude as the centerfold of Macho Magazine. Disgusted with her behavior, her father was understandably angry, but his harsh words were only the nudge Keely needed to leave her podunk town far behind.

Now, years later, Noah is in Vegas for his best friend’s bachelor party and wedding, when he literally bumps into Keely outside of a strip joint. A few arrogant assumptions later, and Noah is determined to play White Knight to Keely’s Damsel in Distress, only Keely isn’t looking for a white knight. Instead, she realizes that this is her only opportunity to exact some revenge on the serious Noah for turning her down when she was younger, and is determined to show him what he’s been missing all these years.

Overall, this one was surprisingly enjoyable. I don’t typically go for such brazen heroines, but the sexual tension and chemistry between Keely and Noah was enough to make the devil sweat. The misunderstanding about her career amused me, as did Noah’s determination to show her that someone could want her for more than just her body, especially when he started to justify his desires to himself by making it sound as though he would be doing her a favor by sleeping with her.

A very easy, sexy read, this too would be perfect for a lazy summer day. 3.5/5 Stars

Keywords: Affair Turns To Love, Childhood Friends to Lovers, Contemporary, Mistaken Identity, Reporter, Secret Identity, Unrequited Love, Harlequin Blaze, Small Town, What Happens In Vegas, Family Issues, Steam Level: Hot, UST Galore, Vicki Lewis Thompson.

This is the first time I’ve read a Harlequin that was essentially two books for the price of one. For less than $4 on the Kindle, you can enjoy both the sexy city-slicker-turned-cowboy Logan, and the staid rodeo rider Noah whose determination to not take advantage of the one woman he wants the most leads to some of the tastiest tension I’ve read in a Harlequin in a while.

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