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Seductive Powers by Rebecca Royce
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Oct 16, 12

bookshelves: fluff-bit-of-fluff, fluffy-pnr, series-to-keep-up-with, i-blame-batman-and-catwoman
Recommended for: fan who like tights with their romances
Read from June 13 to 14, 2011

Draco Powers is making a career (and money) out of being a real life superhero whether people approve of it or not. Wendy Warner is his competent (and very attractive) Handler, or assistant, and completely off limits for any romantic adventures. But when someone decides to target Wendy to get at Draco, all bets are off.

Now I readily admit that I'm 'one of those readers': Lois Lane was never good enough for Superman, much less Clark Kent and Catwoman is the one and only love of Batman's life. LOL. I love superhero romances and there are always so few of them out there (even if you included fanfiction) that just about any story is a treat, but saying this is good does NOT mean it's just the prettiest cockroach in the colony.

This story hit all my dork buttons with pleasure. I liked all the characters and the universe but that isn't to say that it's perfect. The storytelling could have used tighter editing (especially some comic book dork editing LOL). Such a big deal is made of the heroines origins that I was expecting some sort of reveal or resolution in the end, but there wasn't any. There are some new takes of the superhero genre that I really liked, but there are also some tropey 'twists' that are rather disappointing.

I'm also NOT a huge fan of virgin sex. In fact, I rather dislike it with passion, especially when it makes the woman come off like an idiot and adds no value to the story, like....

"Is it really un-cool if I say to you I've never seen one before and I never imagined it could be so impressive?"

Really?! Come on. This woman is mid-twenties, not sheltered and on the internet and she's NEVER seen 'one' before?

Then we have...

"I'm going to push through now."

She shook her head. "Push through what?"

"Your barrier."

She bit down on her lip. "You're not all the way in yet?"

There is also my problem of the hero calling the heroine 'little girl' in a romantic sense & in bed. Now, I get it that's totally my squick factor so it may not bother others but it did throw me out of the story.

Typically, those two issues alone would totally drop my rating to a 3 or 2, but I just have to say that by the time they came up, I just really liked the universe and the characters that I just let it slide. I'll be honest, if this had been about vampires or shifters, I would have been much less forgiving. In the end, the likeable universe and characters made this an enjoyable read despite some serious flaws.

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60.0% "Danger Will Robinson, sex!! Blah! I hate virgin sex. Other than that, I'm really enjoying this story."

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