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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake
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Mar 12, 2008

it was amazing
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Read from August 09 to 10, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 6?

One score and 3(?) years ago, my four fingers and opposable thumb wrought an almost unreadable essay on Wm Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Tonight, August 10, 2011, i went into my basement, dredged up said craptasterpiece (along with several million invisible dust mites), and punished my ego with a read through.

How Prof. Herron endured that obstacle course of passive voice, rambling vagueness, and empty recapitulations of "thesis statements" i'll never know. That he gave it a B+ gives me chills: there must've been worse papers than mine! Maybe the duty of every professor of an undergraduate lit course is to read the doodie of at least one procrastinating, overconfident blowhardlimp. Perhaps my friends who are professors know how to resist what i expect to cause despair. (perhaps Goodreads review readers know this as well—but don't quit now, i'm almost ready to talk about the content!)

Mayhap i'll redeem myself and write real real good how good this book is so goodly wroten. So that you would had read it. I really really like it. A lot (maybe even alot!) still.

If i had to explain it to the gaggle o' guys who sometimes loiter at a corner bus stop near work:
It's by a guy who lived & wrote right around the time of the American and French revolutions. I wouldn't be surprised if he liked to get real high and then write out and paint his visions. He didn't like organized religion/Christianity—which is probably more common nowadays. He made up a new way of looking at it. He poked fun at it. And suggested a different way of thinking about people and about Good And Evil. I think he was afraid of dying cuz he hated heaven as much as he hated hell. So he said you had to have a body and a soul, rationality and spirituality, heaven and hell: you can't split them apart or there will be no Being to Be. He's not a fancy writer. He misspells a lot of stuff. His punctuation is crazy. I read his stuff to feel the thoughts from 250 years ago refreshing my mind today.
Now just for you and me: i think i'm happy for him that he seems not to have seen the next step that there cannot be any Being to Be after death. (or maybe Julian Barnes's There's NOTHING to Be Frightened Of is over-influencing me having just finished that as well)

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