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Dark Descendant by Jenna Black
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Jun 12, 2011

really liked it
Read in June, 2011

This was the kind of read that pulls you along-- I finished in in the space of an evening. Although the main character does a bit of floundering around in the latter-middle section of the book, the plot keeps you guessing and DEFINITELY keeps you reading-- the tension level is high right to the end.

It's unfair to describe it this way, but if I had to boil down the book concept to a typical movie pitch, what this most brought to mind was "X-Men meets Percy Jackson" with a hard R rating (there's quite a bit of seriously gory violence, suggestion of an off-camera rape (as well as a bad guy threatening more of same), and a series of executions).

Nasty violence aside (sometimes I think this author just enjoys squicking out the reader), I really liked seeing how this plot unfolded, trailing along after Nikki as she figured out her powers, started trying to understand these crazy weirdos she'd gotten caught up with, and sought a place of safety for herself and her sister between the rival factions. The concept and the Liberi characters were fascinating, and I loved that Nikki's all-human (adoptive) sister was no pushover, either-- I feel she's going to be an important grounding point for Nikki in the future. (And I think I share Nikki's fascination with Jamaal, too-- I look forward to seeing where THAT goes in future books.)

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