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Lipstick Apology by Jennifer Jabaley
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Jul 13, 11

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Four little words written in lipstick means Emily Carson must say goodbye to everything she knows and loves. One minute Emily is dancing on her kitchen counter at an end-of-school party. The next, she's staring at the news, watching the wreckage of a plane crash, that her parents were on. Both of her parents didn't survive, and her mother's last words at written in lipstick on a tray table: EMILY PLEASE FORGIVE ME. But she is desperate to leave this tragedy behind her in New York City. It helps at Darlington High's swim team champion has his amazing green eyes on her.->(srry had to add that I <3 green eyes) And then there's her quirky chemistry partner slash baker slash tutor in chemistry, Anthony with his classroom jests, delicious frosted donuts and firm just-friends staus. (yea right!) But her mother's mysterious apology is haunting her. It's driving her insane and NEEDS to find out what it means. Only then she can choose between these two boys; one who makes her forgot, or the one who helps her remember and heal.... Yikes!

Lipstick Apology was touching, surprisly hilrious, and kinda predictable. My first thoughts on this book was it seems touching, romatic, sad, and going to be hard to read because of this tragedy, Emily is going through. But, it was kinda the oppsite. I got to say I was really surprised with this book. Emily seems to handle losing both of her parents very well, compared to how I would handle it. In the beginning of Lipstick Apology it seems to go through the crash really fast, but then again it might be that way to Emily. It also seems to skip some time at I would of liked to read about, like how she was on newspapers and other things saying she was "Emily" that the apology went too. I really wished some of that time skipped was included, but it wasn't. I was disappointed at that. So from there to the end it goes along a predictable pattern, that mostly anyone could of seen what was going to happen next. Expect the anwser to her mother's apology. Gosh, that really shocked me. I was really suprised. There was clues throughout this book that I never caught, and there is this major clue that is a whole scene that I never caught til the end. That scene doesn't seem important at all, but trust me it is. In my opinion, the mother was really pathetic to tell her that way, The ending is cute, sweet, and pulls the story together, but predictable.SPOILER: I mean any girl would of known that Anthony was going to picked in the end. I mean most girls have expected falling for your best guy friend. I was very predictable. Speaking of Anthony lets talk about characters! The characters in this book are hilarious, amazing, and people I wished I knew in my life. Trent has to be my favorite character he begins his bubbly personatily to the table, hilirious comments, and his amazing hair skills. I wish he was my best friend! Ok, so Emily was a very great main charcter and I really liked her, but she has this weird toe that keeps coming up in the book. I mean, it was really random... right? I just didn't get that. I was suprised how light-hearted, funny then dramatic this book was. Lipstick Apology focuses more on Emily finding out whos she is without her parents, then about the apology, plane crash, or the mess her mom makes for her.
Truefully, Lipstick Apology was a great summer read for me but just a bit predictable. Jennifer Jabaley is one of my new favorite authors, and I really liked to her writing. I can't wait to read Crush Control by her also even though I seen mixed reviews!
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Fred I thought it was amazing the way the "clues" were so obvious in retrospect, but you didn't realize until later. Kind of like The Sixth Sense, almost. Great review, thanks!

Amanda Fred wrote: "I thought it was amazing the way the "clues" were so obvious in retrospect, but you didn't realize until later. Kind of like The Sixth Sense, almost. Great review, thanks!"

Thanks! I thought it was very cool how the author revealed the clues.

Fred That part where she and her parents were talking about things they loved? Got chills when I figured that one out!

Amanda Me too! Jessica Jabaley is amazing for just figuring out how to sneak the clues in, when most readers didn't even know they were there.

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