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Star Chosen by Joe Chiappetta
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Jun 16, 11

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Read from June 13 to 16, 2011

This tells you straight out that it’s going to be a Christian sci-fi, which is fine. (I’m not a Christian myself but open to reading about other people’s beliefs.) It is also very strongly evangelising which I don’t have a problem with in itself since the writer is entirely up front about that, as he says “Think Star Trek meets the Bible”. I love the C S Lewis Narnia series which is also, though rather more subtly, evangelical. However, there is an aspect to Star Chosen which I did not like at all – the fact that the only other religious leader of a “rival faith” turned out to be a terrorist suicide bomber. Regardless of whether this character is meant to be Muslim, Jewish or of any other faith, that just isn’t something I find acceptable. Evangelising your own faith is fine, but demonising that of others crosses a line for me into being offensive.

The sci-fi element to the story starts off very well with dramatic events written in a very lively, “Ka-Boom!” cartoon style. It does then become very directly evangelical for the rest of the book, following the process of conversion to The Chosen by two of the villain characters. The sci-fi element is not sustained strongly enough for readers with little interest in the religious aspect. Towards the end of the book there is a lecture on the “specialty” of the Bible which also names Mormons as a “false religious group”.

The characters are well drawn.

The front cover is eye-catching. Spelling, grammar and formatting are excellent and the book is of a high professional standard.

The quality of the writing and presentation are unquestionably a 5. However, the offensive nature of the attitude towards other beliefs does mean that I have to rate this, honestly, with a 1 star review, because I could not in good conscience recommend this book.

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