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Spencer's Secret by Joyee Flynn
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** spoiler alert ** I liked this one as well thought I had a little problem with Ryder but let's start with the beginning.

The first conflict of the guys about Luc feeling like a third leg was believable, and I see it happening in real life menages where a third come into a established relationship and it was well handled, all the stuff about the wolf packs and so was also well planned and I loved how all the boys had different opinions and how talking they reach a common ground were everyone was happy, then they met Dean, and Ryder cheats.

This was the beginning of the fall of Ryder from my good graces, his reason for cheating was stupid, really, and a quick romp in the shower doesn't wrap it up for me, I mean a kiss I could have forgive, flirting, a caress, that would have been enough to move the story, but he was riding Sean's dick like the happiest cowboy in all Texas, hence the resolution came short to me.

The "Secret" was a little overblown, Ryder was too drama-queen about it, I mean, ok, you learned your partner is more rich than you thought but instead of talking to him and asking why he didn't tell you, you go all crazy like if you learned he had another wife and kids.

The main conflict once Sean regrows his leg about Spencer feeling all guilty was a little overblown as well.
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