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A Measure of Disorder by Alan  Tucker
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Jun 11, 2011

really liked it

Overall Review: What would your body look like if your appearance reflected your true inner soul? "A Measure of Disorder" has a dreamy, movie-like quality to it, which my mind effortlessly brought to life. It's an entertaining and thoughtful read that leads the reader on a journey to discover an extraordinary "alter" Earth filled with adventure, friends, and self-discovery. I appreciated Tucker's simple detailing, which flowed very smoothly throughout the vast majority of the story, giving the reader just enough structure to let the imagination thrive. However, a few spots felt overwhelmed by detail and were also rushed, and I had to re-read them to fully grasp what was happening. Simplifying these few passages, and aligning them with the flow of the rest of the story would make this a fluid overall read. As an adult, I found that there were a few pieces of the plot and some character development that I found disjointed, but the author's wonderful story-telling overly made up for any minor gaps. What I can say, without a doubt, is that this book will definitely connect with teens (both boys AND girls). Teens will fully identify with the characters in the story, and will find themselves captivated by a remarkably creative adventure. Overall Rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Content Review:

PROFANITY: one very mild instance

VIOLENCE: mild instances throughout the entire story




I found this book as a whole to have a very "clean read" feel to it. However, there were instances of mild violence throughout the entire story. Examples would be: a character gets "hit square in the chest" with an arrow and falls into a river, a character get bit by an unseen creature and they care for the terrible-looking wound, a dragon relishes in eating bloody deer corpses, characters come in contact with toxic substances that give the open sores, and one character intentionally wounds another with a spike. All of these instances (and the others) are spelled out almost exactly as I have described them above. I found them all mild in nature, but frequent throughout the story. For the reason of frequency, I cannot recommend this as a completely clean read. However, I will say, as this book is a fantasy, it was a very mild read compared to the vast majority of teen/YA fantasy reads. So, in my mind, this is still a great "cleaner" alternative to most of the fantasy books available. Just take into consideration the mild violence throughout, combined with the intended reader, when deciding if this is a good pick four you or your family. I would recommend this book for ages 16+.

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