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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
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Apr 17, 2016

really liked it
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Review from a Once Twi-Hard

Not really good, not dreadfully awful, but it got teens reading!

All in all, I can't say it wasn't that good. I just can't. I can read this book again and again and become involved in the characters. Take away the movie and the hype and you get a book that tells a good story...for now...breaking dawn is another rant. I honestly think that this book needs more reviews from the middle as opposed to the polarizing opposites: Those who are unhealthy obsessed and those who hate those who are unhealthy obsessed.

Anyways, Bella is kind of a sucky narrator. And Edward is a bit of a creep. But, the thing with it is, you know its true and when you step back from it you see it, but the story telling, despite the lower level of writing skills, is what keeps you from going "ugh" in the moment. It is initially what made me love the books so much, I ignored most things and kept it at face value after one reading. That and I was 15 and impressionable and got caught up in the hype. Let's face it, when everybody is say "OMG" and getting enthused, you want to too...or you get angry and hate it. The problem that I strongly feel is that it got too hyped and too many people went into reading it with their opinions already formed. If they expected to see an annoying sappy love story, then that is what they saw. If they expected it to be the best thing ever, than it was amazing. Of course with some exceptions.

But, the this is, it holds a ton of bias that is hard to sift through and truly give it a fair review. The people going in with opinions saw things they might of overlooked and went in with a tainted attitude one way or another. It's hard to overcome that mindset. I read the last chapter of Eclipse first (Jacobs' POV)because my friend had to focus and I was going to tease her for spoiling it and because of that I went into reading the books thinking that Edward was some pompous ass that seduced Bella with his money. Yep. But, I let that go and tried to read the book without any preconceived notions and I did mostly.

Honestly, this book wasn't the most atrocious thing to ever be written. Bella wasn't the only girl to be so obsessed with a guy (have you been to high school?) People are constantly reading about sex, lies, and scandal, but are less likely to critique the outlandishness that goes on in these settings than Twilight. Why? My opinion is because the hype came from teenage girls and the vampires sparkled. Glittering fairy vampires are not vampires, but hey, I went with it. (Real Vampires & Strong Females= Buffy the Vampire Slayer...just saying).

Twilight was a good beginning, I think Midnight Sun is a lot better, but that is just because in my opinion Edward appeared to be better written, perhaps from her growing as a writer and getting a breath from Bella's love spell. Her dependence on his wasn't what I like to see in a female character, but what person hasn't dreamed of having one person to be there for you always and keep you grounded- or in this case, from tripping.

I have to applaud Twilight on one thing though that equals to my opinion of Harry Potter. They both got teens to read and TALK about what they were reading. It was the first time I could hold a book conversation with half the people I knew about these books and I savored every minute of it. It doesn't matter if it was good or bad, it mattered that people read. For me, that is enough to give it four stars. Normally it would have been three.

So, my take is "meh, it happened" it was good, but will die down after the hype fades and people take more objective opinions on it.

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