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Flowers On Main by Sherryl Woods
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Just finished the book in night itself could'nt resist putting it down till i know what happens and how Jake-Bree resolve their issues must say though i enjoyed the read and really liked the way story went

Absolutely enjoyed the fun moments and when Kevin comes home married my god Jess is one naughty girl,liked what she had planned and Mick-Megan i m enjoying the way these 2 are talking and facing their issues and Mick has realised his part in breaking of his marriage and most faults are his and some Megan's,i am so intrigued to know what happens with these two in next story

Jake-Bree the love they had is still there and very deep but the anger and bitterness is over shadowing the love almost till 3/4 part of the book,i completely understand Jake's anger and bitterness the loss of his baby immediately followed by heart brake is enough make man so cynic and angry but at some point i did'nt liked the way he behaved with Bree,he embarrased her in public and made scenes specially the scene at Sally's but still i can give him benefit of doubt his heart was broken and now he fears the same fate again cause he knows he still loves Bree very much

Bree she acted selfishly and cowardly when it came to let Jake,if she was not ready for marriage and baby and she felt trapped,she should have said so to Jake then itself,Jake was her lover but also her BFF,he might have understood and given her time and space but then she was also young so i can let her off the hook cause she regrets her actions and decision and she is really sorry for what she did and she tried to apologise more then once to Jake but she always ran away

it was fun to read but by the end i felt Jake had still had loads to work on his trust,anger and bitterness towards Bree,i think he should have waited and worked on those things and then asked Bree to marry him

Good read
Recommend it
Now i m going to Kevin's story just cannot wait

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